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By utilizing Extremely Sophisticated techniques we are able to combat the best anti-cheats on the market such as EAC, BattlEye, Warden and more.

Rainbow Six Siege

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      Getting invited to rijin.solutions   04/11/18

      Hello and welcome to the community! As a cheat provider we believe that the security of our cheats should not need to be endangered by unwanted audiences ...
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    If you wish to pay through PayPal, please contact senator on the forums via a pm

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    • Hello everyone, Me and my partner have been discussing the future of the website in order to make it easier to make payments and also apply, along with some very important large changes to what products we will be selling. 1. Team Fortress 2 Public We are currently in the process of making our team fortress 2 cheat completely public, available for $10 a month. The cheat is very close to being complete for public release and we feel that this would be a good market to enter considering all current cheats (Not disclosing specific cheats) are not up to current standard. 2. Changes to the way payments can be made We are also in the progress of currently making paypal acceptable for all purchases, (Including any hyper-visor related cheats). This change is being made because a large number of customers are currently unable to pay with bitcoin, Accepting papal payments would increase our availability by up to %50. 3. Regarding downtime for other related cheats Some cheats (such as Rainbow Six: Siege) where not recently able to have been updated, this is mainly due to a huge security related update for the cheats loader which is currently in progress, making it not currently possible to update the cheat as many parts of the code have been rewritten for a new approach to security standards. All of the current users who have or had a Rainbow Six: Siege subscription will be compensated downtime + extra as a gesture of good will.   We are excited to be making these changes to our forum and we hope to see many of you using our services in the future. we have been working very hard for nearly a year to get the entire infrastructure fully finished and working and we have finally completed this. So again thank you to everyone who was patient and waiting for everything to be finalized.
    • Ok thank you for the response! Good luck I hope it's up soon😁
    • As Senator stated, we stopped our application reviews until the cheat is up and everything is functional. 
    • Hello, The cheat has not yet been updated. once it is updated all request will be reviewed
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