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  4. Agreed. Can't wait till.my pc is repaired to use his product yet again!
  5. Hello users, After a long time of testing and revamping of the entire system for loader security, we have finally got the rust cheat up and purchasable again, all users that previously had a sub should be able to use their subscription instantly. Also the cheat has been repriced to $60/month due to large un-detection improvements. (but will of-course remain private to accepted users only) Rainbow six is to be back up also within the next few days. Thanks
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  8. hi can i have vfree subscriciptn

  9. I do video games.

    Find me on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjIZyGwerwi75gOK9Aze0Q


  10. All R6S users will be reimbursed for the time they lost during the cheating being updated. Sorry for the wait.
  11. hi, i bought 1 month of R6s cheat , and i literally did not use it even for 1 minute, cz once i bought cheat gone offline untill now , which is very very long time , i have waited enough , i dont know u provide refund or not , either get cheat back to work or refund me money pls. u can check my log over ur website to verify my words.
  12. That's not a sad face btw i did a ) : so it made it a sad face lol Would be cool if you could edit the post if their is issues like this in future.
  13. Hello Guy's, I am gonna give a Brief Statement of what i think of Senator's Product and Skills. Senator is and always has been good at what he does, I have known him since Garry's Mod just after his old Alias 2cash. He had made many Products which have been private but well known for their quality compared to most other private / invite only software. If you lookup some of these they will show up but as i know senator he wouldn't give anything out he would keep it mostly private so good luck on finding one of his good cheats on their if anything it will mostly be self-leaks. Some Good Examples to look up on Senator's Previous work: Titanium Smasher ( Garry's Mod ) Treadhack ( CSGO ) Those are what i know of, there are plenty more but those two got a-lot of popularity so are good references. Now for Rijin ( TF2 Build ) : The Software / Product is Good quality for being fairly new never had any problems with the client, It's better than it's opposition as i have noticed. When you buy senator's products what you pay for is Quality and hard work. My overall Experience with Rijin is Great ( 10 / 10 ) The Staff on the Website / Forums are not bad either, when i requested a HWID Reset it only took less than 10 minutes for Static "the fabulous administrator" to reset it. This shows that they value their customers as they do the client. In all honesty i didn't expect it to be so quick but it was so i thought i will include it. Looking forward to Future updates! & Hoping to be a long term customer 🙂
  14. Hello, did you fix this issue or still require assistance
  15. This is most likely due to your antivirus/firewall blocking the loaders connection, try disabling them.
  16. this is for tf2 btw
  17. can you help me?

    1. jameskitt616


      no sry i dont got this cheat

  18. the loader is stuck at 5 bars every time can you help?

    1. FunkyLSD


      Write to the Support section

  19. can you help me? the loader is stuck on 5 bars

    1. FullCourseMeal


      Sorry I can't help you because I do not own that cheat. I noticed Static told you to contact him so I am guessing you worked it out.

  20. the hack bar is stuck at 5 bars wont load ive got my usb made a file put it on there logged in and loaded tf2 and its just stuck at 5 bars
  21. static

    R6 cheat

    We're not currently giving an ETA.
  22. Giveforas

    R6 cheat

    is there any prevision to the rainbow six cheat go on again?
  23. Ok awesome! Thanks zesshy
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