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  5. i can totally agree with that, huntsman prediction is very very good
  6. Thanks for the review!
  7. Best cheat 10/10 good in everything - Good projectile prediction - Good melee aimbot and is amazing with demoknight - Good cheater detector buy this cheat
  8. MAGA. TRUMP 2020.

  9. The temporary halt on Rainbow Six Siege development boils down to a few facts: The whole cheat needs to be updated for the new system. The game is a hassle to continue updating due to their constant update cycle with changing offsets and such. The developer (senator) hasn't been interested in updating it due to it just not being fun for him to develop a cheat for. If a game is unenjoyable/boring for a developer to continue/generally make cheats for it'll follow a lack of update/support The cheat WILL be updated, but when will not have a definitive answer until further notice. If you'd like compensation with a subscription for another game then ask for it.
  10. It has become very clear that Rainbow Six Siege is never coming back online. Now, the only question is will we be compensated in any way? Maybe given our time on another cheat or a partial refund? Pretty unhappy due to being given false ETAs and constantly told " It will be up in a few days ". I paid $140 just to play for roughly a week and get banned. Not to mention the cheat locking and going down for some "maintenance". Maintenance shouldn't take 4 months and counting. I get a little confused when I see that R6 is down but TF2, Rust, and now GTA V are out for purchase. I really hope that we can figure something out.
  11. Decided to join the community after I was finally able to qualify for the verification and heard the rust cheat was up. Hopefully I get accepted 🙏
  12. rf3f87.jpg



  13. It's all about the head
  14. The rust cheat has been undetected since release and there isn't a official discord anymore due to the way it was used.
  15. Before I buy was wondering if it’s UD and if there was a discord.
  16. try scotsman's skullcutter instead of eyelander
  17. Dumb FUcking Nigger!

  18. Great video man!
  19. oh yeah Im Cuminghqdefault.jpg

  20. Hilarious cover photo you are the best funny!! 

    1. Jonny


      ill kill you

  21. epic guy

  22. Funny Cover Photo!

  23. Hello, We have decided to make some large changes to the way products can be purchased. instead of going through the general store where all cheats are grouped together, the private cheats and public cheats are now separated into different categories. These can be found by going to the top of the page and clicking "PURCHASE" to see the sections of public and private cheats available. Everyone who purchased any public cheats before this change will still have there subscription until it runs out, but you will not be able to renew that subscription, instead you will have to re-subscribe to the new system. Thank you
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