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  • Getting invited to rijin.solution's private cheats

  • Hello and welcome to the community!

    As a cheat provider we believe that the security of our cheats should not need to be endangered by unwanted audiences and therefor we require our users to apply for access to acquire any cheats on our site.

    Please be completely aware that we do not collect nor save any documents or personal information contained within your application, we are legally required follow this law under the United Kingdom's Data protection act of 2018.


  • So how do I get invited to the private cheats?

    The process behind getting invited is simple, If you are 16 years or older and interested in becoming a member of our community then please read the following steps:

    1. Open a support ticket (http://rijin.solutions/forum/index.php?/support/create)
    2. Ensure the title of the support ticket is "Invitation request"
    3. Include your name and country of residence
    4. Include a government issued form of identification with rijin.solutions website visible in the background, An extra picture of the ID next to your face may improve chances of being accepted. blur or block out any personal information such as a social security number, but keep information like your name and date of birth visible.
    5. Include a brief explanation on why you wish to use our cheats and what you hope to gain from it.
    6. Include or disclose any previous cheating community experiences / affiliations
    7. Include your Exact CPU Model (e.g: i7 8700k)
    8. Include your Exact GPU Model (e.g: GTX 1080 TI)

    You MUST Follow all the steps in order to have a chance of being accepted, If you fail to follow ALL of the above steps correctly your application will show incompetence and you will be immediately denied.

    Once You have submitted your invitation request, please allow us 1-3 days to review the request accordingly.

    We greatly appreciate your application and hope to see you on our community in the future!  

    Thank you.

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