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  1. Hello, Some work has been carried out on the loader today as part of our maintenance scheme. A new copy of the loader will need to be downloaded due to the change being large. Thank you
  2. Hello, For everyone who is getting the "A secure connection to the remote-server cannot be established." error on the loader please ensure to download the latest version of the loader from the website as we did a server change. Thank you
  3. Hello, We have decided to make some large changes to the way products can be purchased. instead of going through the general store where all cheats are grouped together, the private cheats and public cheats are now separated into different categories. These can be found by going to the top of the page and clicking "PURCHASE" to see the sections of public and private cheats available. Everyone who purchased any public cheats before this change will still have there subscription until it runs out, but you will not be able to renew that subscription, instead you will have to re-subscribe to the new system. Thank you
  4. Hello users, After a long time of testing and revamping of the entire system for loader security, we have finally got the rust cheat up and purchasable again, all users that previously had a sub should be able to use their subscription instantly. Also the cheat has been repriced to $60/month due to large un-detection improvements. (but will of-course remain private to accepted users only) Rainbow six is to be back up also within the next few days. Thanks
  5. Hello, did you fix this issue or still require assistance
  6. Hello, To all users affected last night by the loader downtime, we were performing maintenance in order to complete the changes to our hyper-visor related cheats. The loader should be up and running again and sorry for anyone who was affected.
  7. To view more information on this product, please click the link below:
  8. Hello everyone, Me and my partner have been discussing the future of the website in order to make it easier to make payments and also apply, along with some very important large changes to what products we will be selling. 1. Team Fortress 2 Public We are currently in the process of making our team fortress 2 cheat completely public, available for $10 a month. The cheat is very close to being complete for public release and we feel that this would be a good market to enter considering all current cheats (Not disclosing specific cheats) are not up to current standard. 2. Changes to the way payments can be made We are also in the progress of currently making paypal acceptable for all purchases, (Including any hyper-visor related cheats). This change is being made because a large number of customers are currently unable to pay with bitcoin, Accepting papal payments would increase our availability by up to %50. 3. Regarding downtime for other related cheats Some cheats (such as Rainbow Six: Siege) where not recently able to have been updated, this is mainly due to a huge security related update for the cheats loader which is currently in progress, making it not currently possible to update the cheat as many parts of the code have been rewritten for a new approach to security standards. All of the current users who have or had a Rainbow Six: Siege subscription will be compensated downtime + extra as a gesture of good will. We are excited to be making these changes to our forum and we hope to see many of you using our services in the future. we have been working very hard for nearly a year to get the entire infrastructure fully finished and working and we have finally completed this. So again thank you to everyone who was patient and waiting for everything to be finalized.
  9. Hello, The cheat has not yet been updated. once it is updated all request will be reviewed
  10. Hello, We recently noticed some users where having issues purchasing specific cheats on the store, this issue is now corrected and payments should now go through smoothly. Thanks for understanding.
  11. Hello community! We are proud to announce the highly anticipated release of our rust cheat! We have been testing the cheat for around 2 months now without any issues, and are now ready to release it to a small slotted number of individuals. In order to purchase the cheat you must be a verified user (click here to learn more) If you are already verified, do not worry! you can send a support ticket or contact us on our discord server to apply for the rust cheat. We thank the community for understanding the efforts gone into this project!
  12. senator

    Rust Cheat

    Rust Cheat Price: PAYPAL: $100 first month $60/month after Purchase Status: Cheat available & online Must be verified to purchase the cheat, click here. Features: Anti-Cheats Supported: Media:
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