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  1. The temporary halt on Rainbow Six Siege development boils down to a few facts: The whole cheat needs to be updated for the new system. The game is a hassle to continue updating due to their constant update cycle with changing offsets and such. The developer (senator) hasn't been interested in updating it due to it just not being fun for him to develop a cheat for. If a game is unenjoyable/boring for a developer to continue/generally make cheats for it'll follow a lack of update/support The cheat WILL be updated, but when will not have a definitive answer until further notice. If you'd like compensation with a subscription for another game then ask for it.
  2. The rust cheat has been undetected since release and there isn't a official discord anymore due to the way it was used.
  3. signed by static

  4. hi can i have vfree subscriciptn

  5. All R6S users will be reimbursed for the time they lost during the cheating being updated. Sorry for the wait.
  6. This is most likely due to your antivirus/firewall blocking the loaders connection, try disabling them.
  7. static

    R6 cheat

    We're not currently giving an ETA.
  8. For any problems/inquires regarding the Team Fortress 2 cheat:
    PM me on the forums or Add/Message me on discord.
    (Case Sensitive) Discord: static#7777 | This is my ONLY discord

  9. hey can you follow me back i would appreciate it so much)))

  10. static


    Invitation request accepting times are based around cheat status / How private the cheat currently needs to be (In the case that the request ticket is filled out correctly and everything checks out.)
  11. It's open to beta users only for now
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