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  1. It has become very clear that Rainbow Six Siege is never coming back online. Now, the only question is will we be compensated in any way? Maybe given our time on another cheat or a partial refund? Pretty unhappy due to being given false ETAs and constantly told " It will be up in a few days ". I paid $140 just to play for roughly a week and get banned. Not to mention the cheat locking and going down for some "maintenance". Maintenance shouldn't take 4 months and counting. I get a little confused when I see that R6 is down but TF2, Rust, and now GTA V are out for purchase. I really hope that we can figure something out.
  2. can you help me? the loader is stuck on 5 bars

    1. FullCourseMeal


      Sorry I can't help you because I do not own that cheat. I noticed Static told you to contact him so I am guessing you worked it out.

  3. Does only one person do the procces of verifying people? Also, when would I be able to expect being verified? I apologize for any inconvenience.
  4. Does submitting a photo with our face next to our ID really help speed up the process? What would slow down the process?
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