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  1. Thanks for the review!
  2. Great video man!
  3. Great post man, Senator is a god ?
  4. Welcome! Happy to see some new faces join us! Enjoy your stay ?
  5. Tubz

    DayZ ?

    Hey @ramsey, There are currently about 3 cheats on the market for DayZ, All of which get detected often... However, the playercount is way too low. As much as i would love to see a DayZ hack, I think that games too dusty and old now ?
  6. Tubz

    Rijin Intro

    Hey @w7rus, Great intro man Looks good!
  7. Tubz

    Sup Gamers

    Welcome to the community!
  8. Hello @Nick5020 Welcome to rijin and enjoy your stay ?
  9. Tubz

    Rijin Rust Clan

    I'm from UK
  10. Tubz

    Rijin Rust Clan

    Hello, I'm going to be starting a rust clan with a few closet cheaters, Anyone here can join, feel free. Must legit hack and have good game knowledge. Please have a brain. Must be active also. MUST BE CHEATING - may make an exception to 1 or 2 people if they are very active.
  11. Tubz


    Yes, i like nuts!
  12. Tubz


    The CSGO Cheat is invite only
  13. i want to eat you like a snack

  14. Tubz


    Welcome man! ?
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