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New forum software
Hello users,

Welcome to our new forum, Over the last few months we have taken users feedback about there experience and interactions with the website very seriously, and we felt that it was the appropriate action to redesign the entire forum from the ground up.

All users account details, information and subscriptions have been automatically merged to the new system, meaning you should just be able to login as you normally would.

We have decided to implement our own full fledged subscription system that now allows for much easier handling of subscriptions and so on, along with some huge changes that make your experience much more pleasant when using the website.

Here are some of the many changes we have made:
  • Changed forum software entirely.
  • Using the same exact theme design as our software, for a universal GUI experience.
  • Redesigning from scratch our user subscription system to allow much easier purchasing and management for both the user and staff.
  • Forum and support protocol re-imaginations to assist customers quicker and more efficiently.
  • Added HTTPS (SSL) Support as this was requested by many users to allow for safe communication between the website.
These are just a few of the changes that we have made to the system, but we hope that you like the changes and we thank you for being apart of the community!

-RIJIN team

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