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1 Year of using RijiN TF2 (help me)


AIMBOT (9/10)
Its simple and really easy to configure i didn't have any problems with it other than the cheat lagging when there is more than 24 players on my screen and for some reason it misses a lot when using anti-cheat compatibility

First of all the projectile aimbot on demo will barely try to shoot if the hitchance is above 45% and it has the same problem with aimbot lagging when there are too many players but other than that it's the best one i have used

VISUALS (9/10)
Really customizable and easy to config but trying to make local chams pisses me off and the projectile trajectory flickers for some reason and other users experience it too pls fix

EXPLOITS (10/10)
From what i've seen RijiN is the only cheat that has a good double tap and the fakeduck feature is really unique
fakelag is just fakelag overall good exploits

MISC (10/10)
Not much to say they just work well

OVERALL (9/10)
RijiN is probably the best cheat i have used compared to other public cheats but it still has a lot of bugs that have to be fixed and please add a feature to toggle 0 lerp
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