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16 days of using rijin


Been using rijin for almost a month now, with 2 weeks left on sub but thought I'd write it now
Here's an honest and as unbiased review as I can make

Loader (7/10)

Simple, easy to use but has a few issues I want to point out
Whether it's intentional or not, every now and then I need to put in my creds again which is a bit inconvenient but not a massive issue.
However the errors I get when I try to inject get super annoying sometimes. They usually fix themselves, but it can take up to 5 tries before it actually works, and usually redownloading the loader doesn't fix it.

Menu (6/10)

Again, simple, but not exactly easy to use always. Sometimes it takes a while to find what I'm looking for, but that could very well be an issue with me and not the menu.

Aimbot (10/10)

Wonderful, I don't have much to say about it. It just works, both projectile and hitscan.

Visuals (8/10)

Very nice and simple to set up, although I would prefer there be an option for the ESP to have the same Ignore Z option that chams has.
Chams, there isn't much to complain about, tho I've noticed that sometimes my chams just break either temporarily or completely, turning all of the chams black, and causing hand and weapon models to completely disappear if I have chams enabled for them.

Hack vs Hack (7/10)

I hardly ever use this, so I don't have much to say on it. Anti-Aim is good, Anti-Backtrack fucks with the aimbot.
It can get a bit annoying when fakelag (cheaters only) turns on whenever a cheater is rendered, instead of whenever a cheater is close by or is looking in my direction.

Misc. (8/10)

All in all, not much to say. Everything here just works. I would for there to be a ping reducer option for fake latency however, and for auto choose class to have an option for which class it will auto choose instead of by random.

Automations (9/10)

I haven't used the full extent of this, only auto-reflect, vaccinator and sticky bots and they're all decent. They just work, not much to say.

Player List (10/10)

Plain and simply a good feature, nothing I can think of that could be improved other than maybe custom flags.

Lobby List (1/10)

Nothing inherently wrong with the feature itself, it's just under utilized by the users and doesn't seem useful as a whole.

Config (8/10)

Very well done feature, although I do wish I could name my configs however I like, instead of them being just Config 1-4.

Overall score: 7.4
A very good cheat for the price, 100% would and have recommend to other players who are looking for a cheat with the most bang for their buck.
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