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TF2 2.2.1

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Staging build
  • Fixed projectile aimbot not aiming at people in tight areas (Such as vents on ctf_turbine)
  • Fixed projectile aimbot turn prediction
  • Fix issues with projectile prediction not correctly predicting people using the BASE Jumper
  • Refactored projectile aimbot hitchance
  • Added projectile aimbot path visualization
  • Added "Draw crosshair at aimpoint" option
  • Added "Aimbot target colours"
  • Fixed a crashing issue
  • Returns in timer now shows on MvM bomb objectives
  • Fixed cow mangler alt fire not working with anti aim
  • Fixed the beggars bazooka not working with anti aim
  • Made auto vaccinator use a fire charge if your HP is equal or less than 10% and you're on fire
  • Made auto vaccinator prefer fire resist if you're on fire, But only if there is no bullet / blast damage sources nearby.
  • Fixed rocket jumper and sticky jumper not being ignored by projectile aimbot
  • Added "setcvar" command to allow you to force any variables
  • Added DT Support for sniper
  • Added "Anti Cheat Compatability", Allows you to play on community servers with anti cheats
  • Fixed bhop not working sometimes with "break animations"
  • Fixed a firing issue with all aimbot modes
  • Added support for "The Classic" sniper rifle
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

We would also like to add a personal note on this update that we were aware of the issues with the projectile aimbot pre 2.2.1 patch, These issues should for the most part be completely fixed, how ever we are still always looking for ways to improve the feature as a whole.

Sorry for anyone who was disappointed with the projectile aimbot on release.
Not open for further replies.
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