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TF2 2.2.4

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Staging build

This update includes bug fixes and improvements, as well as new additions to the Team Fortress 2 cheat.

Some of the changes can be found below;
  • Improved double tap shift time for projectile weapons.
  • Improved anti-cheat compatibility.
  • Improved auto reflect.
  • Improved auto vaccinator & uber.
  • Fixed some issues related to projectile weapons with the aimbot.
  • Fixed some major issues with projectile aimbot.
  • Fixed some major projectile aimbot correction issues.
  • Fixed some issues related to crithack, such as the minigun not working correctly.
  • Fixed the aimbot target option for world glow not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with sniper not waiting for the required charge to shoot sentries.
  • Fixed an issue where the sticky launcher was not working correctly with the projectile aimbot.
  • Fixed an issue where Release based weapons were not functioning correctly with the projectile aimbot.
  • Fixed an issue with the sticky launcher not working correctly with aimbot.
  • Fixed some major bugs.
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to cheater detections.
  • Added an option for "Auto shoot".
  • Added a new chat notification called "Anti-cheat compatibility".
  • Added chat tag options.
  • Added new "rage/legit" toggle options for anti aim.
  • Added a resolver option to only run with headshot weapons.
  • Made crithack indicator now a GUI window.
  • Refactored crithack indicator to be much better, showing more details and information.
  • Made "voice_loopback" now only use the demo support functionality when set to 2, Allowing 1 to emulate the original functionality.
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