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TF2 2.2.5

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Staging build
  • Added multi point system for projectile weapons that allows you to hit people more (For instance if the head is only visible)
  • Added double tap "Boost"
  • Added Spectator list
  • Added Fake angle chams
  • Added Backtrack chams
  • Added Fake Latency
  • Added auto call medic feature (Seems to cause every medic on the server to pocket you)
  • Added auto sticky release
  • Added heal arrow key bind
  • Added auto wrench key bind
  • Added auto heal key bind
  • Added auto melee key bind
  • Added peek fake lag
  • Added "defensive" auto cast option, (Will attempt to vote kick the person who has attempted to kick you or your friends)
  • Added auto-edge
  • Added True "Fake crouch" (Allows you to shoot over objects without your head peeking over, not to be confused with *******es fake duck which is not a fake duck)
  • Fixed an issue where menus/panels can get bugged outside of the users screen
  • Fixed cow mangler not working with the auto rocket jumper
  • Fixed custom false positive if steam failed to get the persons steam name
  • Fixed auto retry on team balance not working correctly
  • Fixed force a nature jumping with fake pitch angles
  • Fixed major bug in lag compensation backtracking framework
  • Fixed some major bugs with projectile aimbot
  • Fixed some bugs with crithack
  • Fixed an offsetting issue with projectile weapons
  • Fixed an issue where TF2 Bots are being marked as cheaters (Not cheater-bots)
  • Improved spread manipulation
  • Improvements to the anti backtracking
  • Improvements to bot detections
  • Anti-aim "Rotate target" options will now ignore players who don't use hitscan weapons
  • Crithack will no longer run on man power since the game-mode disables crits
  • Fixed issue with hitbox scaling on giant robots in MvM
  • The non known cheater notification will now show the reason of the detection
  • Refactored names in the visuals dropdown
  • Double tap now locks on to the target for the duration of the shift to prevent situations where you shoot to individual people
  • Auto vote will now prioritize people who have attempted to vote kick you or your friends first
  • Made the aimbot always aim if auto shoot is not enabled
  • Tweaked auto vaccinator reaction logic against demo pills and stickies
  • Spy's backstabs are now predicted (Please let us know if this causes any issues! It is a experimental feature but we believe it works so well we are making it default)
  • Default configuration chams will now look alot more pretty than the original ugly configuration
  • ESP Backend refactoring
  • Disable menu panels when watching demos
  • Removed nospread detection for cheater submissions because it was causing alot of false positives
  • Resolver improvements
We might have forgot some things here, big update but please let us know what you think so far, we are still working on some features like the player list but thanks for waiting!
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