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TF2 2.2.9

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Staging build
  • Added overlay "flat" for player and world chams.
  • Added "Auto soldier whip", Basically allows you to backtrack whip teammates automatically to gain speed automatically.
  • Added "Sniper LOS" Laser feature, Basically allows you to see snipers lasers through walls and shows the colour based on team.
  • Added "Show icons through walls". (Vaccinator / Mannpower)
  • Added "MvM Auto medic shield" feature.
  • Fixed some rubber banding issues with fake latency.
  • Fixed some issues with melee aimbot.
  • Reworked engineer auto wrench system to improve the feature as a whole.
  • Improved "Fast queue" feature, which should result in even faster queue times now.
  • Many backend fixes and improvements.
Not open for further replies.
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