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TF2 2.3.2

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Staging build
  • Reorganized hack vs hack features to be easier to configure.
  • Auto-melee with the spy's knife and while also having the diamondback equipped, will now target bonked scouts.
  • Updated medic mode to include revive markers.
  • Localplayer will now use friend esp settings.
  • Anti-cheat compatibility will now prevent aimbot detections.
  • Updated the "wait for charge" feature to work with the huntsman.

  • Added an option for the "manual ubercharge resistance" for the auto-vaccinator called "Resist cycle swaps type" this will allow you to change the resistance how you'd normally change it. (R-Key or whatever key the command +reload is bound to.)
  • Added option to change how long the beam tracer lasts for in milliseconds.
  • Added fake latency, charge-bot, and fake crouch key bind.
  • Added point-scale. (Creates more points on a hitbox based on the scale given. The higher the scale the closer to the corners of the hitboxes. This is for Ray Trace weapons only.)
  • Added auto-height adjustments for headshot weapons (Always enabled).
  • Added no fog. (In removals, which is in the visuals tab).
  • Added control for Far Z.
  • Added underwater overlay to the remove overlay effects list.
  • Added more aim positions Stomach, Chest and Upper chest.
  • Added dynamic pitch anti-aims.
  • Added de-sync sequences.
  • Added option to toggle adaptive fakelag. (Was always on before)
  • Added vis-check option for "Active on headshot threat" for anti-aims.
  • Added 'Active on headshot threat' for fakelag.
  • Added fast stop.

  • Fixed charge condition showing on heavy and other classes in some cases.
  • Fixed demoman shield bash not respecting target rules set out by the aimbot.
  • Fixed auto soldier whip not targeting uber-charged team-mates.
  • Fixed issue where cosmetics and weapons wouldn't have the ubercharged material.
  • Fixed certain viewmodel attachments not having the depth restored.
  • Fixed "koto" noisemaker not being blocked via "block sounds" feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the convar value spoofer could incorrectly spoof a value and result in automated bans on certain community servers.
  • Fixed speed / gravity modifier issues with the sticky launcher.
Not open for further replies.
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