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TF2 2.3.4

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Staging build
  • Added splash assist. (Will prefer to shoot the floor if the player is with in splash damage range when in air)
  • Added predict counterstrafe (Will predict counterstrafes on players that are on the ground)
  • Added option to disable backpack expander.
  • Added option to ignore razorback snipers for auto-backstab.
  • Added use noise-maker on kill.
  • Reimplemented combat text feature.
  • Fixed auto-heal not taking the sniper's razer back into account.
  • Fixed crusader's crossbow not targeting players during a truce and also not targeting friendly bonked scouts.
  • Fixed auto-whip not targeting team-mates during a truce.
  • Fixed issue where medi-gun MvM: Auto shield feature wouldn't turn off when attempting to heal players manually.
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