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2 Month Experience with RijiN for TF2


For context: my previous cheat was *******, so some references to it will be made here.

Hitscan Aimbot: 10/10
I have not missed once with sniper even on low FOV, such as 5 FOV. It really is well made, and Accurate Unlag and History are excellent additions. Certantly an upgrade from *******, where sometimes it had trouble hitting in certian situations.

Projectile Aimbot: 9.9/10
This projectile aimbot is some of the best on the market. It's one of the best parts of the cheat, and the prediction is fantastic. Only gripe I had during my 2 subscriptions seemed to be odd misses with the huntsman, but I can most likely attribute this to poor config choices and possible bugs that may have already been patched past my subscriptions.

Visuals (ESP, Menu, Chams, etc): 10/10
This is without doubt the best visuals in a cheat that I have ever seen. The chams and esp have nice fonts and material choices, and the menu takes on a really nice Metro UI style, but in its own way. Much better then the old style of esp seen in my previous cheat, *******, and other cheats like ********.

Doubletap: 100/10
What can I even say here that hasn't already been said? This doubletap is the best I have seen in any cheat and in any game. You guys really know reverse-engineering games and C++ (unlike me). I have never seen this doubletap screw up once on weapons like the FAN and Family Buisness.

Anti-Aim: 9/10
I do like the customizability of the anti-aim, but too many times have I been killed by ******* users because they seem to easily manual resolve me. However, I do think that I might not have anti-aim thats very good to begin with.

Resolver: 8/10
I do like this autoresolver and the text feedback that it gives in the chat of how it resolves yaw and pitch, however sometimes it will do this over and over without resolving them. (This happens most often with ******** and ******* users) And for a bit of feedback, I would like some sort of indicator to see what pitch and yaw the player is currently using, and a player list so I can manual resolve if I know their config. Overall, no resolver is perfect, so take this with a grain of salt.

Miscellaneous: 9.5/10
The things such as Bunnyhop and Crithack are just much more of a pleasure to use then *******. The bunnyhop feels much smoother, and gives you a little assistance on jump to gain speed. Crithack is just better in every way. It gives you more feedback when you are crit banned and are generating crits, and the banning and gaining system seems beter put together, unlike the crit bans I get all the time in *******. The other additions are also a nice touch.

Automations (Auto Vacc, Rev jump, etc): 10/10
There really isn't much wrong with these things, and there really isn't much to talk about them. Things like rev jump and other additons are either unused to me or are simply too boring. However Medic's auto uber and auto vacc are beter in text feedback so see enemies and how they affect the charges.

Optimization: 9/10
For computers with 16GB of ram and a quad core processor, this wont add too much load to your computer. However, ******* beats out RijiN in this senario on dual core processors/low end computers, but the performance that the cheat provides will tap ******* anyways, so there really isn't much to talk about here. At least its better then... the pasted cheat....

OVERALL: 9.5/10
Best cheat for TF2 on the market. I really recommend buying this cheat.
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