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2 Months with RijiN TF2 Honest Review(Status: 18.08.2023)


The Aimbot on RijiN is really good and does its job well. It has sometimes its hiccups due to server lag or ping but over all. DT and Crithack are also very reliable and work perfectly.

The Projectile Aimbot was what surprised me the most in RijiN, the stability and quality is something of a different planet. The Projectile Aimbot does its Job really, really well and hits shots that I would never think of hitting. Yes, of course it has minor hiccups due to High Ping or Lag or Spread, but it does it Job too well to notice.
On the other side, the Projectile Aimbot has a little problem by dropping massive frames when aiming at a large group of people with high FOV, but that's something that should get fixed soon

RijiN Visuals are on another Level when it comes to Customizability and Features. The Visuals look good and have a good bunch of Option to custemize them. Perfomance wise, I can't see any issues.

When i startet with RijiN it was a little confusing setting everything up but when I got a hang of it I really started using it, Automations always work without any flaw and I really like the Autoairblast

Hack vs. Hack:
Personally, i never really used any of those features, but in my experience it does its job and I don't have any problems with it.

RijiN is packed with interesting and Useful Misc option, and it's really fun exploring them and trying them out. It also has many qualities of life improvements that I really enjoy using.

I don't dislike the Loader, but it can be sometimes a little janky, my issue with it was that my Password was too short, and the length should be min. 5 Characters, but my old password was longer then 5 and it always errored out and made issues by either closing the loader after login or not loading the cheat and then closing and not injecting. After that, I changed my Password, and it seems to work fine without any other issues.

Over all Perfomance:
The Performance of the Cheat is in 95% of Playing good, here and there some small frame spikes because something big is happening. Another Problem is that the games just out right closes after 30 to 40 mins of playtime without any notice or error message. I don't know if it's the cheat but it only happens with the cheat injected so dunno.

The look and Style of the UI is ok, nothing you can really say too. But 2 Things I dislike about it is the lack of customization in terms of making it bigger and changing font sizes and that you have to drag the scroll bar to scroll down in the Menu is not good, and I hope that can be changes, so you can scroll with the mouse wheel.

RijiN is a really good cheat which I like and therefore I want it to become better, so here are things I would love to see that can improve the cheat and make it more user-friendly:
Improve the Loader: Please fix those random crashing issues
Projectile Aimbot Performance Improvements
Options to resize the UI/Font for bigger Displays (Custom DPI Scale)
Make the Scroll Wheel scroll stuff
Tooltips to reduce confusion.

In the End, RijiN is a very good cheat with a high amount of features and customizability. I will get me lifetime to further support this project.
Thanks for reading this review
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"the Projectile Aimbot has a little problem by dropping massive frames when aiming at a large group of people with high FOV, but that's something that should get fixed soon" obviously a lot of calculations that RijiN makes will tank ur fps when you are aiming at a large group of people
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