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3 Days Expirence

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Rage BOT
Anti aim - Pretty decent tbh enemies can resolve you but its not that bad.
Resolver - I would say that need a recode cause its shoot's fake's a lot.
Projectile Prediction - This feature works wery well to be honest after trying all p2c on current market rijin has the best.
Aimbot - Just a decent aimbot. I was having some issues with silent mode not shooting enemies.
Crit Hack - I think its like in all other p2c's. But i love though that it's show u how much damage u need to do to get unban.

ESP - Simplish maded kind look like ******** one's but better 4 me.
Chams - Simple looking chams nothing really to say about it. Would be good if there was a color customization.

Double tap/Rapid Fire - Pretty instant like ramen noodles.
Fake latency - Works as it should pretty fun stabing from 20m as a spy.
Configs - I dont like loading thourgh consoles.I used p2c who has cloud api's
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