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3 months of rijin.solutions on TF2


I haven't used rijin for about a year before this so I'll write my full experience here.

Aimbot - 9/10
Easy 9, simple to config, sometimes misses but I'm pretty sure that's a hardware issue since I've seen people with the same settings do better/worse.

Visuals - 8/10
ESP/Main is good, whatever you need is there if not more. I like the addition of being able to set thirdperson offsets, one recommendation would be to add the ability to change the Backtrack, Fake angle etc... chams material.
Chams/Glow is decent aswell and better than most cheats yet the first cheat I've ever used was ******** so I could be biased
Other is probably where my favourites are

HVH - 10/10
if you can config it properly, and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to since it is simple asf

Misc - 9/10
I could say this is where my favourite features are, really customizable aswell

Automations - 7/10
Most things work very well except for auto uber and auto reflect which are the two main focuses of the tab, maybe it is config issue but this is the rating I believe it should get

Playerlist - 9/10
nothing to rate here but I like the way it looks, one thing to add would be being able to uncheck your friends friend box

Lobbies - 10/10
Simple, easy to join, easy to create, I would call this perfect

Overall 8.8/10
I believe it could have been an easy 10 if it weren't for the Automations
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