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A review of rijin v2 for tf2 :)

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- Loader​

Very simple to use, loads quick and injects 99% of the time (might fail if you dont have steam autologin enabled)

- Cheat menu​

The menu keeps it's nice and compact, might take some time getting used to it though. Can easily bind features (which support it) and do other adjustments. Would be nice if you could scroll the menus with mouse wheel and if the window could be resized. Also could maybe adjust the section names in visuals (player esp, world esp etc.) but that's a very minor complaint.

- Aimbot​

- Hitscan​

Does what an aimbot's supposed to do and does it pretty well. Backtrack (history) is very good and automatically chooses which tick to shoot. Basically has all the features you would expect (also has anti-spread on community servers). Never had any problems with it.

- Projectile​

It had a rough launch but after some fixes it's actually really good. Complete with in-air strafe prediction and on-ground strafe prediction. Demo aimbot is good at close and mid range but an arc simulation would be very good to have. (Best hitchance is 35-45 from my experience)

- Visuals​

A major step-up from the first iteration of the cheat. Fully customizable for enemy, team and friends individually and customizable colors for other entities. Can honestly spend hours just configuring visuals.

- ESP​

It's the usual 2D box but it has a ton of flags that it can display, might even be too many. Has a working Far ESP feature.

- Chams and glow​

Very nice looking shaded or flat chams + fresnel overlay (with more coming maybe?). Either stencil or blur glow with customizable thickness. One missing thing are backtrack chams but they'll be added soon enough.

- Misc​

The most interesting features are bullet tracers that do not tank your fps, ragdoll effects and viewmodel offset + show silent aim.

- Hack vs Hack​

Not a hvh expert but I can note the auto-peek and automatic resolver which can hold it's own in casual hvh. Manual resolver settings might be good to have for real hvh gamers.

- Miscellaneous​

Features a directional auto-strafer which has an automatic wall-avoid (has trouble with complex geometry though), a fast queue with a block list and party networking for far ESP and resolver data. Can note the cheater alert which has a pretty extensive list of players. The most impressive features are the exclusive community server lagger and the double tap - which is the highlight of the whole cheat.

- Double tap​

Rijin has the most perfect implementation of DT so far: really good auto-stop, fast tick charging and fail prevention. Never had a bad DT in all of my time using the cheat. Perfect on any class.

- Crit hack​

Near perfect crit hack. It can desync sometimes but it fixes itself fairly quickly.

- Automations​

Another highlight of the cheat imo is the auto-vaccinator. So far I've only used it in casual but im sure it's good in any situation, also surprisingly customizable. Has auto reflect, a good auto rocket jumper (which I think does a perfect ctap but I haven't tested it) and charge bot.

- Verdict​

Rijin V2 is currently the best TF2 cheat by far. Once again there was a pretty rocky launch but 99% of the problems are fixed now.
Also I really appreciate how optimised the cheat is: with a ryzen 5 3600 and a gtx1060 6gb I can easily pull 200+ fps with chams, esp, all high settings and shadows disabled, only time it drops to 100 fps is when you try to use the proj aim from afar or at a difficult angle.
I'm sure the cheat will be even better with updates due to how much easier it is to work with this version.

8/10 with a big potential for 10/10

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really good review. it doesn't look like you took 5 seconds to write it and you actually took time.
Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying the cheat. I've added some time to your subscription.
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