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An honest and fresh review of RijiN for TF2. [SO FAR]


So, this is it, the start of me using actual GOOD cheats, I'll show you why in this review.

Simple reminder that this is my first time using RijiN, and completely unbiased, I've tinkered with it, HVHed with it, closeted with it, its surprisingly easy to config as I suck with configing basically any other cheat. I haven't had RijiN for long at all, but I figured that I could write a review on it.


Better than practically any other cheat I've used, one thing I love for both hitscan and proj aimbot is that it has a hitchance, of course raising the hitchance also raises how much time it takes for it to calculate, that can be annoying, as once again, I'm pretty new to cheating. But still its predictable that it'll raise the time it takes to calculate, its good for closeting and hvhing, having it so you can switch to automation is a pretty good feature.

Anti-Aim: 10/10

Anti-Aim is a bit confusing for me, but I'm pretty sure I've got a good idea about it, the resolver is amazing, and its pretty tough for people to hit me, (especially on a headshot)

Other/Misc: 9.2/10: LOTS of features and LOTS of random features (that I love.) there's some like auto-whip, but most are actually pretty useful for mvm, closeting, and HVH.

RijiN is probably the actual best cheat on the market, (don't believe me? Look at other testimonials. Thank ya for reading, have a good one.
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