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An Objective Review of RijiN TF2 V2 (After Patch 2.2.5)

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I've been using RijiN for around a month now, I've been a customer of other cheats such as lmao and *** and thought I'd give RijiN a look due to the great things I heard about it's DT, which I'll get into with this review.

This review is mainly of my own opinion, I'm sure I'm going to say something that somebody else might not think is important or is a feature that would benefit from being added, if you don't agree with a point I make then it's okay, I'm sure you have other opinions from me, I'm also going to be comparing RijiN to *** and Lmao as they're both around the same price range and aren't "private" cheats as they are all available to the public

I also may get certain things wrong or complained about something I thought didnt exist when it did, if so I'm sorry for being a retard and please help me to be a better RijiN user, thanks.

The GUI on RijiN is serviceable, it doesn't do anything special because it doesn't need to, I do miss having the ability to have custom GUI and custom themes like *** does and the GUI isn't very descriptive when it comes to it's features like on *** which makes knowing what certain things do or how they affect the game a little hit or miss at times.

The biggest flaw I can see from RijiN is the lack of any scoreboard in the GUI and ignore options for individual players, view profile options etc etc, something both *** and LMAO have and RijiN is definitely missing

The Aimbot on RijiN is pretty solid, it will land your hits pretty much on target, Projectile aimbot is solid but can miss occasionally on soldier but is quite alot better than most other cheats, only thing I don't like is how there isn't any visible way to find out how your FOV settings looks visually which is present on cheats such as lmao and ***

Another Issue I've seen on RijiN that I've not seen on other aimbots is that RijiN really has a problem with swapping between targets, there isn't really a lock on which target you will shoot unless they're the only one visible, so many times I've had RijiN start attacking one player then swap it's attention to another while the other one is able to escape with low HP

RijiN's doubletap is it's most popular and well known about feature due to just how reliable and powerful it is, it turns a force-a-nature into a one shot kill to most classes and other weapons such as miniguns get a burst of damage.

There's nothing else left to say, the doubletap and features like passive recharge make you basically stupidly overpowered in any casual game, definitely a reason on it's own to purchase RijiN and I can't recommend it enough especially when other cheat's DT's have barely come close to how reliable RijiN's is.

HVH Features (FakeLag, FakeCrouch etc)
With Fake Latency being added, RijiN may start to potentially get a headway into HVH that *** has been dominating for a while, while *** may still be on top for just how good it is for HVH, RijiN is slowly gaining on it.

The FakeLag in RijiN is very good, especially for scout on casual servers, you'll see people aiming to your side trying to catch your shadow as you're lagging so hard they can't hit you, definitely an easy way to get kicked but still a great features.

FakeCrouch is also a solid addition, especially for sniper shots with crouching cover, literally makes you unkillable in some certain spots on certain maps.

I would like to see RijiN's resolver get updated because while bruteforcing works it isn't the best when it takes multiple shots against someone to finally resolve them.

MISC Features
Bunnyhopping on RijiN is great and works alot better than other cheats, lets you build up some insane speeds in casual servers and basically fly your way to the front line or fly away, combo it with GRU on heavy and you can bhop at scout speeds, no teleporters needed anymore, the avoid walls could need some work though, ends up sometimes just pushing you into a wall when you're trying to go through a door.

RijiN's crit bucket works also a million times better than other cheats, lmao's crits basically suck and ***'s also suck in my honest opinion, RijiN's crit's are literally perfect and don't need any changes

My main upset is that RijiN doesn't have alot of the misc features that the other cheats have, like I said earlier there isn't a scoreboard in the gui that we can use to ignore players or change how we target them, there isn't an option to steal an accounts name to try avoid votekicks.

One of the only thing ******* does which I think is an amazing feature is the lobby finder, where you can join other lmao players, this benefits you because you're able to override any votekicks if your party is big enough and you can pretty much rage with no repercussions, something like this on RijiN would be a great feature.

There's also little in terms of user scripting and customisability with RijiN which is seen on other cheats which is a little sad, it'd be nice to write some scripts for automation or add new features to RijiN through custom scripts

In Conclusion

Honestly, RijiN is a great cheat, it does everything it says it will accomplish and does it very well, but it doesn't have alot of innovative features that other cheats don't have to make it stand out, there's little in terms of customisation on how your client feels, no custom scripts etc

TL;DR RijiN is great at what it does, but lacks on alot of customisation and some other features that are standard on other cheats, oh and please fix the aimbot swapping between targets.

I'd buy another sub to it.

Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription. Enjoy!
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