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An updated RijiN v1 TF2 review

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Back in March/April I had originally made a review on RijiN. Since then I had picked the cheat back up for a couple of months and have been able to test it much more than when I had it back then. So why not update my review?

As said before, this is a review on the pre-recode v1 cheat. A lot of current issues and such will be ironed out when the v2 recode of RijiN goes live.

Let's get started with the review.


A good aimbot is the main part of a cheat. A bad aimbot will give a user a bad experience, and won't allow them to dominate a match as they want. A good aimbot will allow them to have a very nice experience and dominate a server as they wish. The aimbot in RijiN for hitscan is flawless. I never find myself missing when using simple things such as scout's scattergun, pyro's shotgun or spy's revolver. Issues do arise though when playing as stock sniper, as the cheat doesn't have certain features and checks that other cheats have. The projectile prediction in RijiN is almost flawless. Having a hitchance feature puts less hassle on the user for timing when to press aimkey, as the cheat will more than likely shoot at the best possible moment. There are some issues such as projectiles predicting normally when a player is using the BASE jumper or if a player jumps in a certain way, or the aimbot even just not predicting at all, but they very rarely happen in actual gameplay. The lack of legit features in the cheat will make this cheat not suited for most legit/closet cheaters, so if you're looking for legit features, either wait for recode, or find a different cheat to use.


Visuals in a cheat are one of the main things that users will look at when getting a cheat. The visuals in RijiN are pretty decent. You can go for a couple different styles with the esp or chams, but its as basic and as simple as you can get. From the two-pass chams to the nice RijiN blue colored hand chams, they are very basic but very good. The menu of the cheat itself is very basic and simple. You can find things easily, and the cheat will take less than 10 minutes to configure if you know what you're doing.


Automation in cheats is very important, as it can improve certain aspects of our gameplay. RijiN does everything that you need in a cheat with some extras added in. The autovoter works. The only issue is that RijiN doesn't recognize people that are in your party, so when autovote takes over on a vote issued by or on a party member that is not on your frineds list, it will F1 on them or F2 a vote they call. Medic bot could be done better. It has some quirks such as it prioritizing an un-optimal target or the person you are trying to pocket, or the auto-uber randomly dumping a charge on the vaccinator, but overall the medic bot does what it needs to do. The auto airblast is very bipolar, sometimes either airblasting on time or airblasting very early. The auto-melee in RijiN is very good. I find myself barely missing melee shots taken with it, and it is quite accurate.


I've included this section for a majority of the features in the cheat, as I don't want to have this review be cluttered with sections.

  • The crithack in RijiN is nearly flawless. There are a couple of bugs with the crithack such as critting and doubletapping at the same time with streaming weapons completely breaking the crithack, or having your crits randomly be used without you holding critkey, but they really don't happen much unless you use the crithack badly.
  • The doubletap is decent. More recent cheats such as ********** have managed to out perform v1's DT in some circumstances, but a competent user can work around these issues with ease. The doubletap with scout's force-a-nature is quite jank sometimes, and will miss while strafing. This can be pseudo fixed, but some users won't figure this out. Overall, the DT works best on heavy.
Hack VS Hack:

  • Anti-aims, anti-aims, anti-aims, what such complex things they are. The Anti-Aim in RijiN is very good, the anti-aim will make a great majority of other players dump your head and struggle to resolve you. Fake pitches with the hide head logic are pseudo busted, as it will try and hide your fake pitch's head instead of your real head, but in the end, it adds more complexity for other users to resolve you.
  • Fakelag is very basic in RijiN, a simple on or off switch for a high 23? tick fakelag. The lack of fakelag on key or being able to change the value of the fakelag itself makes it somewhat undesirable to use fakelag.
  • The resolver in v1 is not optimal. I wouldn't recommend using it.
  • Speedhack, while gravely dead in the modern times, works very well on RijiN. I find users struggling to hit me while I stomp the server. There are some issues like using a high speedhack factor causing prediction errors or aimbotting dropping your frames, but these issues can be ironed out easily if you know how to config correctly.
  • Since my old review, I got to properly test RijiN's backtrack. It is pretty decent. It could be better, but as it is, it is very good. Sometimes backtrack spy will miss, but it will be fixed in the recode.
My final rating: 9.2/10
There are a couple issues in the cheat and a couple features that could be added, but overall, RijiN V1 as it stands is very good for how old it is.
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