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Brutally honest RijiN review


I've been using RijiN for well over 2 months now, and I have remarks about it. I'll list them here

I personally love the projectile aimbot (aimbot overall). If you have a good config (most importantly hit chance), it rarely misses. I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

With its vast options, you may have to toy around to get the visuals that you like, since it's up to your personal preferences. I personally love its Fresnel visuals, many cheats don't have a properly working one. Solid 10/10.

The right config will serve you well in HvH. At first I was having trouble with configuring it since it was a bit complex for me at first. After getting used to it I got the hold of HvH. I love its Fake-Lag and Anti-Aim, it makes it harder for the opponent to kill you even with a good config. Of course no matter the software you use, you need to use your brain for HvH, not going head on to a sightline being fully vulnerable to a cheating sniper. For now 8/10.

The modules it offers all fit my needs. I love the Double Tap and it's impossibility detector, Crit-Hacks work just as I expected. FakeLatency on Spy with autobackstab only hits the last tick. 9 out of 10.

Has everything I need, but the one that I really love is AutoVaccinator. No other has the sniper aiming near the head feature for the AutoVaccinator. Not to forget about AutoReflect. These two are absolutely perfect.

-Having to stay focused on TF2 window during the entire injection process.
-Automatic aimbot sometimes bugs up when Resolver is on, it doesn't work most of the time on Medic's Crusader Crossbow even without resolver.
-Config sharing is only done via screenshots. You can't create, delete the configs or modify the names of them.

I love the community for being friendly and willing to help. They have a rule on Discord that restricts you from attacking people just because of their lack of knowledge - I have no idea why this important rule barely exists in other communities.

I personally liked RijiN, better than any other that I tried. For me I'd say that RijiN really is the best cheat for TF2. I'd rate the entire thing 9.25/10.
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