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CSS CS:S 23.1026

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Staging build
→ Configs have been wiped.
→ Updated aimbot to have weapon-type-based configs:
● Rifle, Sniper, SMG, and Pistol.​

→ Added trigger bot. (weapon-type configs)
● Fire delay​
● Fire for time (Forces your weapon to fire for the selected amount of time)​

→ Added (rage/legit) no recoil settings.
→ Added (rage/legit) no spread settings.
→ Added 'Players through smoke' to ignore flags.
→ Added Closest to crosshair option in priority hitbox.
→ Added information panel.
→ Added sv_pure bypass.
→ Added third person.
→ Added auto-strafer.
→ Added chat tags.
→ Added chat notifications.
→ Added option to toggle anti-cheat compatibility.
→ Added dormant esp.
→ Added backtrack chams.
→ Added no flash.
→ Added Armor bar ESP.
→ Added ESP flags for players.
● Has Defuser​
● Is Defusing​
● Has Night Vision​
● Is using Night Vision​
● Armor Status​
Not open for further replies.
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