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Experience with Rijin for TF2

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  • Honestly, it's been great with V1 and it's been even better with V2. Been a happy member and a user for a year now I think and never have I gotten this much consistency with any other software. I'll just get straight into rating the cheat.
  • The Aimbot;
    -> Hitscan: 9/10
    [Multipoint, Spread etc. work flawlessly. Missing a shot is as rare as winning the lottery.]
    -> Projectile: 8/10
    [It's the best on the market even with the current rare occasional bugs. Missing a shot with the right settings and gameplay sense is definitely impossible]
    -> Backtrack: 10/10
    [From my experience, it's flawless. Even with fake latency, it's flawless.]
  • The Visuals;
    Ever wanted the customization of ******** without having to turn your computer into a radioactive bomb? I did, and this cheat gave me just that.
    -> ESP/Cheat Menu: 9/10
    [Incredibly customizable with nearly no disturbing lag.]
    -> Chams/Glow: 7/10
    [Sometimes your chams and/or glow will turn black, but other than that, it works just fine and is very customizable on all aspects.]
  • Hack VS Hack;
    -> Fakelag: 10/10
    [Works with doubletap aswell, which is epic. Binding it to a key and learning how/when to use it will help out a bunch with both escaping situations or bugs.]
    -> Anti-Aim: 9/10
    [Customizable in all types of ways so you can set it to however you prefer it to be. Binding it to a key and learning how/when to use it will help you escape many situations and deal with any bugs that might come with when you're manually firing.]
    -> Fakelag Fix/Resolver: 8/10
    [Rijin was always known for its flawless fakelag fix even from its early V1 days. Resolver wasn't always its strongest aspect, but after the great updates put out by the devs, I've been hitting quite literally every shot on anyone with their anti-aim turned on. Though, sadly, it has problems with hitting cheaters/bots without any anti-aim turned on, which is weird, but can easily be countered by momentarily turning off the resolver.]
    -> Anti-Backtrack: 10/10
    [Works as intended and looks funny for people trying to melee you.]
  • Misc (there's a lot, so I'll speed through it rating only the core features.);
    -> Fake Latency: 9/10
    [Works great and you'll have no issue hitting the backtracks of anyone. Paired with auto-melee on spy, it's really hilarious and insane. Though, can rarely bug you out when you try switching weapons.]
    -> Auto-Strafer/Bunnyhop: 8/10
    [Very fast and consistent controlling. Getting shot by a Loose Cannon or Scorch Shot can immobilize you, though. Countering this is easy as you can just momentarily disable and re-enable them.]
    -> Crithack: 9/10
    [The most consistent I've ever seen. No fake crits, no bugs with the doubletap, re-updates every tick and it will tell you exactly how much damage you need to deal to reactivate your critbucket. Although it can very very VERY rarely bug out and critban you until you switch classes.]
    -> Anti-Backstab: 10/10
    [Flawless with no massive frame drops like ****.]
    -> Anti-Cheat Bypass/sv_pure Bypass: 10/10
    [Works as advertised. You won't be banned from "very secure" community servers like skial, UGC, wonderland etc...
    -> Settings For Optimization (remove gibs, remove cosmetics etc.): 10/10
    [I don't see why you'd need such an option when the cheat WON'T LAG...]
    -> Doubletap/Boost: 10/10
    [Best one on the market and has been the best on the market for a very long time... AND it's customizable aswell! For when you want to fire while airborne or want to passively charge it while moving around!]
    -> Anti-Autobalance: 10/10
    [Just works.]
  • Automations;
    -> Vaccinator/Über/Kritz/Helpers: 10/10
    [Very customizable and works as intended. HvH matches or casual gameplay... it won't let you down eitherway.
    -> Chargebot: 10/10
    [This is extremely underrated and extremely overpowered when paired with the doubletap that works with the melee. You can either teleport charge with the Boost feature, or instantly kill someone with the doubletap melee attack that removes the delay between the click and the hit registration so you can deal melee damage at the same time as the shield bash damage. I recommend anyone and everyone to try this hilarious and overpowered feature.]
    -> Auto-Reflect: 10/10
    [Customizable to the max for your comfort and flawlessly functioning.]
    -> Backtrack To Crosshair: 10/10
    [Really good and useful.]
    -> Triggerbot: 10/10
    [It's the closet cheater's wet dream...]
    -> Auto-sapper: 10/10
    [Demolish multiple nests with one sapper quickswitch LOL.]
    -> Auto-sticky Detonation: 8/10
    [Sometimes can detonate too early, but it works just fine under almost every circumstance.]
  • Overall Score: 9.3/10
    - In conclusion; it's the best cheat on the market, with consistent updates/bug fixes, active and helpful community and developers and a product that is undoubtedly and definitely your money's worth. (it very oftenly goes on sale too! :D) I'd like to personally thank everyone involved in this cheat's development for making me and many others laugh with the funny and shockingly impressive features and moments it brought us and continues to bring us.

  • TL;DR: just fucking buy the cheat lol its good just look up the media on youtube :p
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