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First-time trying out Rijin V2 TF2


Hello guys. I'm a first-timer here, got curious to try out rijin thanks to one of the videos i found in youtube. Therefore, i decided to buy it, for 1 month, to try it out how it feels like to play with cheat software. Must say, i'm impressed, considering i didn't get vacced straight away in first day.
It has been my 3rd or 4th day now playing with it now and i found it fun, especially with other Rijin partners.
So here's my thoughts:

Bullet Aimbot/Hitscan: 9.5/10
I'm completely satisfied with how it works and it's very versatile with how you want to be with it: closet cheater or open cheater. Whatever works for you. Awesome stuff.
Projectile Aimbot/Hitscan: 7/10
Probably an issue on my side, but, prediction of projectiles sometimes doesn't work quite well for me. I'll probably reconfigurate it later to be more proper and effective, but it doesn't disappoint me. I'm well satisfied with it. Good stuff.
Visuals: 10/10
Probably one of the best categories out there with huge diversity and you could check or apply practically anything you want for your eyes. It works well for everything. Rating speaks for itself.
HvH: 9.2/10
I really like how HvH works in Rijin. It's super effective against other cheaters, can counter almost everything. Wish i could understand it better, but i really like it so far.
Miscellaneous: 10/10
Same as Visuals, really incredible thing to have. It has most of the important and game changing functions for your fun process so i recommend setting it up as well not only just as Aimbot. Really one of the best things.
Automations: 10/10
Perfect for Pyros, Medics, Demos and not only. It helps you with auto uber, detonate and pretty much everything. Also really really useful, i like it.
Lobbies: 10/10
This category is the best thing ever to have, since you don't get to be all alone and you can always join anyone who's broadcasting their lobby, other Rijin users. Together is stronger. :)
Overall rating and conclusion:
To be honest, this cheat is ridiculously fun. I really love it so far and enjoy playing with it, especially with lobby. I recommend buying it, worth the price one hundred percent.
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