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First time with RijiN V2 For TF2

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Hitscan: 10/10
it's the best i have used so far out of any cheat on the market, easy to configure and hits everything from my expierence.

Projectile: 9/10
no complaints, works as intended, and hits very cool airshots!

Melee: 10/10
works very very well, especially when playing spy!


ESP/Main: 9/10
it's a bit confusing at first but it gets easier to understand when using it, the default esp config gives you all the information you need!

the chams are very cool, and so is the glow. the glow does not drop any fps! the chams look beautiful and are easy to configure.

Hack vs Hack:

Anti-Aim/Fakelag: 9/10
it works well, people dump my fake sometimes and it's very good.
although edging (auto-edge) doesn't hide your real sometimes, it still works very well!
the fakelag also works very well and people have trouble hitting me when i use it!

from my expierence, no resolver is perfect but this resolver is very very good, i really like that the cheat shows information about the resolver in chat, helps with knowing that the resolver is working.

Fake-crouch: 10/10
the best feature of all time.


Crithack + Doubletap: 10/10
Crithack works very well with no issues, gives you all the information you need with the indicator.
Doubletap is very stable and works well, no issues with it whatsoever, works on 200+ ping.

Other Misc Features:
Everrything works as intended, and the autostrafer works very well.


Medic Helpers: ?/10
i accidentily pressed enter too early, but what i wanted to say is that i have not played medic with this cheat, but all other automations work great:
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