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Garry's Mod cheat review

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Aim Mode :
there is on key, on shoot and automatic these options are good, on key & on shoot are very useful
Search Mode : closest to crosshair and distance both work good
Accurate Unlag : precise, dynamic and disabled to be honest i dont really know what these do, im assuming it helps the aimbot if someone or you are lagging
Max Fov : 0 - 180, good and works as intended, somthing like an FOV circle would be nice to visualize it.
Flags : silent aim, ignore team, ignore friends, no recoil, no spread and m9k autowall these are good, cant think of anything else to add to it, the ignore friends feature is useful

Conclusion : its good and does its job, having something like hitbox selection and smoothing would be very very useful

8 / 10
Draw Chams :
they work well but its just a toggle, having XQZ / cham materials would be nice
Render : enemy and friendly nothing to say about these they work
Flags : name, distance, box, team colors and health bar having flags for gamemodes like TTT would be good.
Healthbar Type : vertical and horizontal having a text option would be nice

View Fov :
75 - 150 nice feature

Conclusion : very simple, no color changing, no extra flags for certain gamemodes, no visible only chams

4 / 10
Addons :
spectator list its good and does its job
Movement : auto-bhop, auto-strafe and circle-strafe would be nice if circle strafe had a keybind, auto-strafe doesnt turn off when nocliping or in free spectator cam mode or whatever its called, and you have to turn it off to move properly
Free Camera : cool feature, i personally dont have a use for it

Conclusion : everything works well, auto-strafe is good and can turn pretty well

9 / 10
MENU : i personally really like the old look to it, reminds me of aimware v4 in a way, its clean and non-buggy

10 / 10 (for the price)
Overall Conclusion : cheat is definitely lacking some features, overall its a good cheat especially for the price.
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