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Goofy ahhhhh review (p100)

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My goofy ahhhh review of the (p100) cheat rijin ( very p100 )

Aimbot: Hot and bothered about it.

Not really missed a lot other than on sniper, but I presume that's my IQ and config being quite poor. Sometimes it doesn't shoot, but usually It ?ing WRECKS.

The projectile aimbot? Chefs kiss, absolute on top. Rarely misses, misses on demo more than solly, but just, MMM I love it :)

Visuals: ( Preference I guess )

Holy balls, ONLY other cheat that beats rijin's visuals in ***, the fresnel chams are very epic. I'd like some more box options, such as corner boxes, but other than that, it's perfect IMO.

Sadly no FOV Visualizer but not much more missing than that.

Also, GUI Is a little cluttered but it's nice.

Misc: Epic

Not really much to say here, bhop and auto strafe works, "custom" console commands are nice, I don't use server crasher.
Kill effects are nice, they feel very epic.

Sometimes all my GUI effects, DT, CRIT HACK, SPECTATOR, gets moved to the corners :(
Exploits: Good
Sometimes the crit hack gets stuck on "Calculating" but it's nice otherwise, Doesn't seem to get crit banned that often and it is all-around epic
DT is smooth as ?, rijin is the best at DT, no cap.​

Conclusion: Uhm, epic.

My favorite cheat for all classes.

Visuals 10/10
Aimbot 8/10
GUI 7/10
Misc 10/10
Exploits 8/10

Me like rijin :)
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