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Honest review of TF2 Rijin ( before 64x )


Hello my friends! Are you still trying to find a perfect cheat for everything you need but still can't? Don't worry you are in the right website now...

- Review

Aimbot: 11/10
The hitscan and prediction is pretty good and beats every cheat and doesn't miss atleast I didn't saw it miss. I started playing at 2012 and tried lots of cheats but this one is MONSTER.

Anti-aim: 10/10
Probably one of the best anti aim ever, the desync is perfectly coded and made me have alot of killstreaks at HvH. In short I dominated the HvH.

Visuals: 10/10
Smooth and clean there is nothing to say more to be honest it's too customizable and you have lots of options.

Lobbies: 8.5/10
Explanation: The feature is good but there is really no one wants to play with strangers they just kick you...

Misc: 9.5/10
Almost perfect there is nothing to say at this point no lack of features or anything I just didn't understand everything that's all.

Config System: 7.8/10
There should be a CFG location system or cloud config system to share with others its too hard to share configs with new system.

That's all I remember from my last experience thanks for providing this beautiful cheat <3
- Regards
> Yakhusu
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