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Honest Rijin review


I've been using 3 or 4 well known TF2 cheats for about 7 months and I recently switched to Rijin 2 days ago.

Projectile Aim 10/10✨
This is the best Paim I've ever used in TF2. It's damn near hitting every shot especially with the FOV set between 5-10% so it most likely shoots who I aim at. It's also helped me with my own aim! When it didn't fire and there was a pyro,scout or demoknight in my face,I was able to make faster reactions that were pinpoint with Direct hit. I'm okay with Soldier but throughout my 2 day playthrough,my aim has drastically increased. I've gotten more kills,I'm way more accurate without Paim and can hit more airshots! It's really weird for me to say but the cheats have helped me be MORE skillful 👍

TriggerBot 10/10
Not much to say here,it shoots when aimed at that specified part of the body. it does what It says it does no issues there 💯

HVH 10/10
(I apologize for putting 10/10 but so far throughout my 25hrs testing it,I've found nothing to complain about) This is hands down the best cheat ever to use for HVH. I honestly don't think anything can match this,it's actually just too cracked. There's so many more settings and options I can configure vs any other cheat I've used too. This is superior. ⭐⭐⭐

Miscellaneous/ESP/Chams/automations 10/10
I'm putting all of this together so I don't make this too long but everything about this cheat is literally perfect and you can customize everything when it comes to visuals and I mean everything, it feels like I'm playing a different game. The experience that I have with this cheat trump's any other feeling that I've had with another cheat. I can honestly say that I do not regret buying lifetime. This has been the most fun that I've had in TF2.
my honest review

Aimbot = 10/10 best aimbot aleays hit
esp hack = 10/10 see people through walls work + colors
miscelanious = 10/10 bhop and autostrafe very fast
overall = 10/10 perfect software foe tf2
Aimbot = 0/10 best aimbot aleays hit
esp hack = 0/10 see people through walls work + colors
miscelanious = 0/10 bhop and autostrafe very fast
overall = 0/10 perfect software foe tf2
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