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Honest RijiN V2 for TF2 Review

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Aimbot - 9/10
The aimbot is pretty good, but it still needs some work. Sometimes i miss people on speedhack or fakelagging people, anyways its really good and i never had any other issues with it.

Projectile Aimbot - 8/10
Its pretty good just like the aimbot, still needs some more work too. The strafe prediction isnt that perfect but its (probably) the best, the movement simulation is perfect and the best one i ever used and also it misses people that fakelag or it doesnt even shoot.

Visuals - 10/10
The visuals are really sexy, theres nothing that needs work. I really like the fresnel overlay, and there should be more chams and other stuff like that. Other than that, theres nothing else that i can say, its the best visuals.

Double tap - 7.5/10
The double tap is really good but isnt really perfect, the double tap doesnt fail a lot but it still does (atleast for me) (cfg issue?), when i use the force-a-nature, it doesnt shoot 2 bullets instantly (could be because im not waiting after i charge?), for heavy everything is fine.

Crithack - 8.3/10

The crithack is perfect, it has some bugs where it just keeps saying calculating and it takes a long time to make it work. The crithack (for minigun, pistol and more) also fails sometimes. Also when i farm crits and im done farming, it says im critbanned (so annoying). thats why im giving it pretty much 8.3. Its not bad, it just needs some More and More work (or its just the game being bad and breaking the crithack).

HVH (Anti-Aim, Resolver, Fakelag) - 8/10
The anti-aim is really hard to config for me, but people had trouble hitting my head. The resolver is really good and i never had any issues with it, its basically good.
The fakelag isnt special, some people cant hit me, some people can hit me, so the HVH features are pretty good.

Menu - 10/10
I really like the menu, theres nothing wrong with it but also has some issues. The alignment is kinda broken, but its fine for me, so basically the menu is VERY good.

Loader - 6.5/10

Loader has a lot of issues, sometimes it fails to inject without showing any errors. The design isnt really that good but i still like it.

My final rating: 9.5/10
The cheat is perfect. It needs way more work tho, didnt use other features like autobackstab or fakelatency cuz i simply dont need it. Rijin on TOP.
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