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Honest RijiN V2 TF2 review

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I have no problems with the aimbot it's flawless doesn't miss legits unlike some other cheats but it does struggle sometimes trying to hit head
The projectile aimbot is good but i liked the V1 more because you could shoot further away on V1


Even though this cheat is mostly for hvh it's really good for legit cheating
trigger bot is not that good it works pretty good on sniper but on other classes it doesn't shoot


Now the fun part the anti-aim is really easy to config you can make a random AA in 1 minute and it will still make other cheats miss
The resolver on the other hand is not really good it misses head 80% of the time


Not too much to say about Misc since everything just works i haven't expirienced any problems with it
the doubletap works really good and one of the best amongst the cheats i have seen or tried


Auto vacc will work if configured right it does have some flaws like using uber when the enemy is still behind the wall

Suggestions : I would really like to see config sharing also crouch speed and improvements on projectile prediction

I tried to keep this as simple as possible
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