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Multiclass Seed Prediction Ownage

Hello, please explain how to enable it.
Ok so basically you go into your menu, Go to the bottom right of the aimbot tab. enable "spread" and then in the box under enable "Seed Prediction". from then on seed prediction will be enabled for that class. What seed prediction does basically is that it attempts to predict the seed that the server is currently using for their spread randomisation. Of course this seed changes every tick (from my knowledge) so it can be hard. Luckily the longer a server has been active the easier it is to predict and it will typically see a 99% success rate at around 9-10 days of uptime which will be represented on the info panel as "9D" or "10D". It will use the accurately predicted spread seed to ensure that, in the case of miniguns, one pellet will always be central and thus effectively give you nospread. for things that only fire 1 bullet at a time it will basically turn it into a laser beam for you as well.
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