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My 29 Days Of Rijin [TF2] (More Or Less)

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Well, Hello There Potential Buyer/Reader. Welcome To My Humble Review Of The Cheat That I've Used For More Or Less Than 29 Days Of My Own Personal Experience In Both Head-Only HvH And Casual Legit - Semiraging (Got To Somehow Fit Some Gaming Time Within A Busy Schedule...)

First Off, The General Too Lazy, Did Not Read: It's A Great Cheat, Especially If You Have Come From Other Providers That Have Been More Or Less The Same Throughout The Years Of TF2's Mere Existence, You Will Not Be Disappointed With The General Performance Of The Cheat, As Well As Using It In Sub-Optimal To Non-Optimal Scenarios Like Region Differences And Sudden Internet Instability.

Now For The Proper Review Itself, It Will Be Divided Into Their Respective Tabs And Or Category.

Starting Off With Projectile Performance:
Its Great. Being Able To Hit Airshots Very Consistently, Including Airborne Targets That Airstrafe To A Certain Direction, However Sometimes The Prediction Is Slightly Off By Atleast A Soldier Or Half A Soldier's Width, Especially With Airstrafing Targets. And I've Noticed That Bhopping Targets, Usually Sideways Don't Get Properly Predicted As Bhopping, Instead Being Predicted As A Regular Sideways Jump, And To Add To That, It Cannot Properly Predict Wiggle Strafes, Instead Treating Them As Regular Right Or Left Airstrafes, But Other Than Those Issues I've Mentioned, Its An Accurate Projectile Prediction That Allows Me To Hit Flying Targets At High Speeds. And The Issues I Previously Mentioned Can Be Mitigated By Properly Timing Your Shots.

Next Up Is, Hitscan Performance: Near-Perfection*. The Hitscan Performance Is Just Those Two Words, Near Perfection. Being Able To Reliably Hit On Any Target You So Wish To Wipe Off Of The Face Of The Earth. But, Don't Close Out Your Potential View Of The Cheat With My Opinion, Juust Yet. As It Does Have Its Flaws, Namely Being The: Target Prioritization. (This Also Applies To Projectiles, Duh.) Whilst It's Certainly Fine In Most Cases, There Are Certain Scenarios Where It Just Doesn't Want To Aim At Whatever You Need It To Aim At. Sometimes It Picks A Completely Different Target Than I Intended. For Context My Setup Is: Onkey Hold + Closest To FoV.

Overall Aimbot Assessment: 8/10, Pretty Great! But Some Small Tweaks Should Be Needed. (These Suggestions Will Be Accordingly Categorized In Its Own Section Later On In The Review, And Applies To Other Subsequent Parts Of The Review.)

First, General ESP:
Very Clean. But Lacks A Bit More Customizability Than I'd Personally Like.

Second, Chams/Glow: Very Clean, Modern, And Highly Performant, Still It Lacks A Bit More Customizability Than I'd Personally Like.

Third, Hud/FoV Alterations: Clean And Simple. As They Should Be, Still It Lacks A Miniscule Amount Of Customizability.

Fourth, Misc: Works As Intended, And Are Clean Non-Hacky Implementations.

Overall Visual Asessment: 7/10, If You've Come From ******** You Will Probably Be Let Down By What The Cheat Currently Offers (At The Time Of Review The Cheat Is Version 2.2.5 That Was Released On May 2nd 2022, 10PM) This May Change In The Near Possible Future.

First, Medic Oriented Features:
Auto Vaccinator:
Excellent, Allowing Me To Keep My Heal Target Alive Spanning Multiple Hectic Fights, As Long As They Are Self-Competent.
Auto Uber:
Works Great, Although You Personally Might Want To Adjust Threat Multipliers To Your Personal Preference.
Auto Kritz: Same As Auto Uber. Although You Might Want To Change The Triggers It Reacts To.

Second, Pyro Oriented Feature/Autoreflect: Accurate And Performant, Its Also Equipped With The Necessary Sub-Functions To Deal With Edge-Case Encounters Like Demoknights.

Third, Demo/General Hitscan/Spy:
Autosticky Works Great, As You Would Expect It To Be, And Is Performant In With The Stickyspam Playstyle.
General Hitscan: The Triggerbot Is What You Would A Cheat's Triggerbot Should Be. It Even Includes Some Humanization Features, Pretty Useful As A Closet Sniper.
Spy: Auto Disguise Works As Intended, But Lacks Some Customization.

Overall Automations/Triggerbot Assessment: 9.9/10, It Does What It Sets Out To Do And Does It Well, Only Very Miniscule Non-Noticable Setbacks.

(GIANT DISCLAIMER: I Personally HvH'ed Only With 300MS Due To Region Differences (I Live In SEA And Connect To: hvh.tf EU | Germany) And Your Mileage May DEFINITELY Vary Depending On Which Server You're On, Who You're Against, And Your Own Personal Playstyle.)

Anti Aim And Fake Lag: Whilst The Cheat Has A Pretty Unique Way In Antiair Creation, Whilst Not Being Too Complicated To The Newer User, Is Also Sufficient Enough To Those Who Want To Do Experimental Anti Aims, Although It Still Lacks A Bit More Advancements Considering That The Now Defunct Developer For TF2's Most Advanced HVH-Focused Cheat, Lithium. Is A Contributor For The Cheat. Fake Lag On The Other Hand Also Lacks A Bit Of Extra Features And Customizability, But Currently It Works Without Hassle And Doesn't Fail To Disable Itself When Shooting.

(I Cannot Stress This Enough For Those Who Want To Potentially Buy The Cheat For HvH Purposes, Its A Brute Force Resolver, There Is Nothing You Can Do In Terms Of Getting It To Perform The Way You Want To As, Currently There Is No Certifiable Exploit That Would Allow A Cheat To Discern Between Fake And Real Angles, Unlike In CSGO Where LBY exists.)

That Being Said, It Performs Well, It Has Some Logic When Trying To Determine Real Angles Against Other Cheaters And Provides Some Information On Who Its Trying To Resolve And What It Thinks Their Real Angles Are, But There Are Certain Anti Aims That It Will Not Try To Resolve, And Sometimes Outright Does Not Try To Resolve Certain Static-Based Anti Aims.

Overall HvH Assessment: 6/10, It’s A Highly Subjective Area Where People Will Genuinely Have Different Experiences, But Overall From A Objective Viewpoint It’s Great At The Current Moment But Definitely Needs Improvements.


Dead Simple. You Got A Feature To Tick On Or Off And That’s That, No Need For Extra Fuss Like Binding Every Single Feature To A Key Bind Like ********, But You Always Have The Choice To If You Really Need To, Although Having The Configurations Being Cloud-Only And Without Any Way To Easily Share It Without Telling Your Friend The Exact Details Or Resorting To Screenshots Where Your Friend Has To Painstakingly Copy Over Your Config By Hand May Definitely Be A Letdown For Some.

Overall Configurability Assessment: 6.8/10, Being It Currently Cloud Only And Without Any Current Foreseeable Way To Share Configs Effortlessly Takes Quite A Large Chunk To Its Simplicity To Initially Config.

Personal Recommendations:


Prioritization Needs A Bit More Smartness To It And Logic.
Lacks Humanization Features Like Smoothing And Disable/Smooth On Spectator. (For Those Who Want To Play Less Obvious)

Color Customization Should Be Within Its Own Respective Sub-Sections, I.e: Fresnel Overlay color should be in chams and so on
Additional Texture Overlays, Ex, Animated Textures, Empty Outer Space And Etc.
Additional Effect Overlays Like Wireframe Fresnel, Animated Fresnel And Etc.
Auto Alignment For Indicator Overlays, I.e Auto Align If The Indicator Is Situated Somewhere A HUD Element Like The Ammo Counter Or Health Counter Is.
Rainbow/Customizable Color Shifting For All Elements.
Viewmodel Overlays
Customizable Devtextures Replacement
Viewmodel Show Silent Aim Should End Right After Aimbot Has Shot And, Should Not Affect Actual Crosshair Angles.
Customizable Out-Of-FoV Arrows/Radar. (Feel Free To Implement Either, Or Both)
More ESP Boxes
ESP Text Elements Should Be Seperately Customizable
User-Specifiable ESP and UI Fonts.
Watermark With Cheat Name, Forum Username, 24h/12h Time And Latency That Also Doubles As A Anchorpoint For A Event Logger.

Just Port Over Antiaims From Lithium Lol :troller:
Resolver Should Be A Bit More Informative, I.E: [Rijin] Trying Yaw Correction: 90deg On KenKaniff
Resolver Should Be Customizable, I.e. Defining Custom Angles And Defining The Number Of Misses Before The Resolver Moves Onto Another Yaw/Pitch Correction
Resolver Should Optionally Show Yaw Corrections.

UI Should Have Quick Tooltips That Show Up When You Hover Over A Feature Switch.
Configs Should Be Able To Exported And Imported Offline
Configs Should Be Renameable.
Per-Class Configuration Should Optionally Have Tabs That Can Be Synchronized Across Classes (Ex: Targets Can Be Locked To Ensure The Same Targets Across classes, and etc)

Everyone Who Was New To The Cheat, Has Said This Like Repeatedly Ad-Nauseum, I’m Truly Sorry But, playerlist.

But I Personally Would Want It To Be Similar To ********’s Where You Can Set Custom Priorities With Custom Optional Auto-Enabling Features That Has A Recent Players List And Memorizes Them.

General Review Overall: 7.5/10, It’s a Great Cheat. Some Areas Might Need Some Improvements And Or Changes. Highly Recommendable To A Friend If They Know How To Configure Themselves, And Should Be The Average Bar That The Current Market Needs To Catch Up To.

I Hope You’ve Enjoyed Reading Through My Humble Review, And To The Devs: Please Do Not Take My Suggestions As Requests, But Only Keep It As Suggestions That You May Implement At Your Own Discretion, You Guys Made A Great Cheat That Revived My Motivation To Play The Game.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
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