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My brutally honest review of RijiN.


RijiN review for Team Fortress 2
I'm to poor to afford any other sub so this is my review after 2 months.
So I'm not gonna waste your time with a introduction so let's just get straight into it

Injection 9/10 : It's mostly smooth but I dislike how it takes 20 seconds to inject after loading Team Fortress 2

Aimbot 10/10 :It's normal hitscan aimbot is perfect, there is no real way to mess up hitscan really but it pairs with doubletap very well and it doesn't miss with hitscan items.

Projectile Aimbot 8/10 : It's good, but there won't ever be a perfect projectile aimbot any time soon but RijiN has one of the best projectile aimbots out as of now, It's surf prediction is the best one for a public cheat though through my 2 years of Team Fortress 2 cheating.

ESP/Visuals : 9/10
It's almost perfect but there is a lack of customization on indicators which sometimes be annoying and there is no real white on RijiN it's more of a really light gray but those are my only complaints really about it's visuals

Miscellaneous 10/10 : If they haven't added region unlocks it would be a auto 9/10 but they did so it's all good now. There is no real complaints about this anymore it's perfect in everyway

Hack VS Hack 7/10 : It's good but lacks some anti-aim features which can be slightly annoying at times, the double tap is really good for every class and it doesn't miss shots with doubletap and it's not like other cheats that always miss or have a 20% chance of hitting

Overall 8/10 : It's the best public cheat out as of now. It's affordable "for someone who isn't in the negatives", easy to config, very godly, and is updated often.
I wish there was more major features like Stick doubletap but it's perfect as of now. This is my review of RijiN thank you for reading this and have a good day!
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