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my experience with RijiN for TF2


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- The hitscan aimbot worked great with or without backtrack and seemed to fix issues which exist in different public cheats and it overall felt like proper aimbot.

- It was decent, had some issues like shooting into the sky randomly or just completly missing the target which was peaking around a wall, finding a decent hitchance also was annoying. Other than that Its ok but I didn't use it enough because of the issues I've mentioned.

- It works, and I didn't have any issues with it.


- Works great, displays information you need and also customizable, with one small issue, when trying to change which flags appear the list went out of the screen. The style is amazing and very recognizable.

- Also works great, since they do the thing you'd expect. It was confusing at first and took me a bit to set it up like how I would want but other than that its good.


- It's proper, I really like using the legit option and the fact that it can activate when in danger, and it doesn't cause any issues while using it. It's also very customizable.

Fake Lag(10/10)
- Works great, I really like the fakeduck, fakelag on peek and break animations and it doesn't cause any issues so its good.

- It Isn't the best, since its only bruteforce.


- Works like intended, the only issue is that you move forward when you want to jump.

- Most consistent DT compared to every other public choice, it isn't 1 tick instant but good enough.

- I really like seeing how much damage I need to deal before getting unbanned, I didn't have any major issues.

- The menu looks really good, I like the customizability of colors and the ability to drag stuff like DT bar and other stuff. It was kinda confusing at first but after a while you'll get used to it. However I don't understand couple of stuff like fake angle and backtrack chams just being options with only able to customize the color.

Final Rating(8.5/10)
The cheat is definitely great
Very good review. IIRC the resolver is like bruteforce but with like a tinge of logic and saved resolver info
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