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My Experience with Rijin for the past 2 years



Rijin, as a whole, has been a decent cheat for a while, but always far from perfect. So, after 2 years of using rijin v1 and v2, i wanted to write a honest and non-biased review of the cheat, since everyone loves to point out how perfect the cheat is and never its flaws or missing features in general (maybe because everyone is just scared to do so lol).

  • For ages, rijin has always been praised for having a "good" hitscan aimbot (God forbid saying it is only good on scout and heavy), the BEST projectile aimbot on the market and it goes on....

Hitscan: 6.5/10
While it isn't bad on certain classes (like scout and heavy as said above), it annoys me how inconsistent it is and how you need to disable certain features and fine, and i mean it, fine tune it to be average at BEST on sniper or different weapons (such as shotguns, pistols, smgs, spy's revolvers and such), and after 3 years, there is still no closest to crosshair (even after begging for it for ages, needing to use a ghetto way to be able to have it somewhat closest to crosshair, cuz it shoots the closest backtrack from your crosshair lol), it still shoots targets out of the FOV range (no surprise there, it has been on the cheat since the beggining), constant misses if you use the default settings on hitscan (accurate unlag and backtrack causes the cheat to miss?), not a great animfix and the list goes on. With the addition of multipoint, it kinda fixes most of the "shoot the air" kinda theme it has, but it's far from being actually good. No complaints if you're using smoothing though, that's the only thing i could say it is really good.

Projectile: 3/10
It's average. I only can give rijin a round of applause for making it more customizable (setting your own hitchance), but even then, it makes it confusing for people trying the cheat for the first time. Yes, it has its moments of being godly and not missing (mostly because players do NOT strafe or have an iq of a potato while playing tf2), but i can safely say it isnt what people always love to say. "hehehe rijin projectile aimbot is the best!!!, no cheat can compete against it!!!". I could make a compilation of rijin shooting the air and missing players standing still (happens way too often), and yes, i used my own hitchance on certain weapons and other peoples' hitchance (because you know, some people seem to have a god complex in their mind so why not try them out too?) and still older cheats, and even ********** could outperform rijin on the projectile settings of things. I really don't know what happened to v1's projectile aimbot, which it was really really good, but abandoned and thrown away for no reason. I would've given a higher score, but the bugs and the sudden dissappearance of the old projectile aimbot makes me go with a 3 on this one.

Melee: 8/10
It's good. Nothing else to say. Still struggles to hit backstabs on spy though (while using backtrack). Apart from that, it's good.

  • lol since when rijin had good visuals

ESP/Main: 4/10
Confusing. Still confusing after 2 years of usage (both v1 and v2, but v1 had almost no options so it was easier). The font isnt the BEST at default, the text is somewhat unreadable sometimes and the conditions do not update correctly (or work correctly), the lack of customization is concerning (still a thing since the early times from v1), even the colour selection is kinda outdated (still no options for hex codes or anything like that). But for an ESP and other options included on the Main tab, it isn’t that bad (apart from weird bugs on third person camera).

Glow/Chams: 7/10
I don’t think there’s anything else to add. Lots of options, different colours and materials to use together, making you able to create different visuals with outstanding colours or making it look like POO. The only complaint is literally about the black chams (happens all the time) and how little to no customization we have on the glow outlines (they look bad), other than that, its good.

HvH Features:
  • it makes me giggle everytime when i see that tab and the auto record hvh matches lololol

General HvH (playing, not the features): 7/10
omg praise the lord rijin for being the best hvh feature!!!!!!!! meanwhile it isnt wrong, but it isnt the best when the resolver becomes unusuable (constant misses, poor bruteforce), when you can just, go heavy and spin around and always win (since rijin was always about heavy and heavy and heavy (sometimes scout). The conditions stored and how the cheat thinks the LEGITS are anti-aiming is also rather funny and very idiotic, since it messes your aimbot completely (doesn’t help when you will constantly lose trying to sniper hvh on rijin anyway), and man, there’s so many features that were quite ok and really bad since v1 and they were just either scrapped or just STILL really bad or just a bit better, which it doesn’t help when we were told it would be better (they weren’t wrong, it is better now, but DAMN.), which makes me choose a 7 on this one.

HvH OPTIONS (woah): 8/10
They work as intended? the AA is very customizable and suits anyone’s taste, which is why it is really good compared to any other cheats (which are either outdated or just **********), Fakelag is really good, its funny to jump around being unhittable sometimes, antibacktrack fucks up your melee registration and fucks you up most of the times, fakelag peek is also really funny and annoying (so it is good), the break animations and desync are also good and working as intended, so no complaints there. Fast stop is just fast stop, Peek assist are for people that have an IQ less than a fish, and the resolver is the only problem for me, since it is weird against friends, rarely updates or the brute force causes you just to constantly miss (it’s like gambling, but you gamble your head).

  • Lets start with the best one EVER! bunnyhop.
Bunny-hop and Auto Strafe: 3/10
I don’t know, who in the right mind, thought that bunny hops should make you go forward when holding the space bar, it’s beyond frustrating and really bad, and i mean it. Makes you do unbearable and stupid curves and also uncontrollable (not even fast too), you even end up LOSING speed (LOL), which is incredible in my opinion. At least it can avoid walls when it wants to so, thats a Win i guess?

Crithack: 9/10
i love holding critkey on spies. It’s good!!! no issues there!!! (apart from sometimes not showing the right damage value that you need to deal or it straight up breaks on high ping)

Double Tap: 9/10
hey guys, it is the best DT on the market right now, it works and it is really good (by configuring your hitscan aimbot properly, it shall work just fine). Crazy!

Fake Latency: 10/10
also works as advertised, no problems with it and it is good :)

Fast queue / Block regions: 10/10
works as intended, no problems there too

Other: 8/10
so many features, so many things that i also don’t use since FOREVER (including the reveal spy models, so buggy and still makes them visible while invisible hihihihi), removing the taunt restrictions are also really bad compared to other cheats, the anti idle kick is still broken ((2 years btw)), anti-cheat compatibility is good, never got banned or anything, so it works i guess? and tbh, who in the right mind uses these hvh features lol? they’re really pointless but since it is a “hvh” cheat, it makes sense (?), disabling chat and having tags are also really welcome and i like them (apart from marking me as M-FeD the entire time or false marking people non stop).

  • Quite silly, in fact, it is quite bad also!
Auto Vaccinator: 5/10
i thought Rud was a medic main, but he was able to make something worse than ********, reacts to nothing happening in front of you, pops wrong resistances non stop, the customization is also welcome, i like it, but it doesn’t help its case of being still NOT that great. Also not being able to change resistances manually is kinda silly (maybe for sync issues?), but it isn’t good, but also far from being bad.

Other (Uber, Kritz, Helpers): 9/10
They’re good, but made for lazy people, no complaints there :)

Auto Reflect: 7/10
It works. Yes. It works. Still doesn’t predict enemies (since the projectile aimbot isn’t the best, so it deflects stuff to the other side of the world or something like that)

Other: 8/10
It’s ok. there’s some features that i use (auto whip teammates and auto det stickies), and the auto sapper is also a good feature (woohoo)!!

  • this isn’t *******
straight up 10/10 since it just works fine..



Cheat is decent, holds up against any cheat out there (most of them are public, since they’re outdated or really bad lol), there’s a lot of missing features, lots of bugs and things that never got fixed or added after YEARS (which these other public cheats like ******** have). Also it shows their true priorities with their cheat and with other games too, since most requested features and shit that could’ve been fixed for years now, are still present, and they seem to not care too much, apart from adding a lobby system and mvm glitches (priorities, am i right), and with the lack of competition, the cheat updates ends up being just very very slow, or not bothering at all in doing anything, since it isn’t an issue anyway, when rijin is the only public cheat to have decent updates and being a decent cheat overall :)
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