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My experience with rijin v2

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Right so this review is going to be split into 3 segments: Features, Interface, TLDR Overview

Since the release of v2 the hitscan has been pretty much perfect (lots of customizability) (on the rare times i did hvh, the cheat exceeded high expectations ps. severe ownage)
DoubleTap: Fast and accurate, very good overall never had any issues with it (y)
Projectile: On launch, using the projectile aimbot was pretty rough. It has since been fixed and it is really good!
(had a lot of fun using the righteous bison+crithack)

Auto-uber/heal: Auto vacinator is on par with what i would expect. its decent
Anti-aim: I dont hvh much but it is really good against catbots (pretty much unhittable)
Auto-Strafe/bhop: Probably one of my favorite things about the cheat its really good!
Bot-identify: Not many bots use identification anymore but for the ones that do, it works flawlessly
Esp/Walls: As long as you dont use orange with white it will always look good (im looking at you doeshotter)
Crithack: Nothing crazy but it works (ill talk about the indicator in interface)

Menu: Hot take but im not a fan... it was really hard to navigate when i first started using it (after learning where everything was it wasn't as bad)
Indicators: The doubletap and crithack indicators are amazing (i love that it tells you how much damage you need to get crits again)
Injecting: easy to inject but on the rare ocasion i have to reinject because of what i like to call the "ghost" menu. where the menu pops up but nothing works (hopefully this will be fixed soon)

TLDR Overview:
The cheat has great features, a very friendly community and a hardworking dev team constantly improving the cheat and making the experience even better (y)
Score: 9/10
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