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My Honest Review About Rijin (TF2)


- Honestly, this aimbot is just perfect, rarely missen even when using it with projectile aimbot.
- History backtrack is nice too, especially when using it with fake latency on spy, etc.

- The doubletap is just perfect, its the best for Force-o-nature or the soda popper, even for heavy is rlly good too.
- It does the job pretty well! Never fails when forcing crits, damage indicator is pretty cool too.
- It's a cool misc in my opinion, especially for hvh,

- ESP: Esp is rlly good, smooth and good looking. Has everything you need to customize your visuals. Might be confusing for beginners but will get along!
- Glow/Chams: It's also easy to configure, visuals never break, always work.
- Removals: All works, nothing rlly special to say about them.

HvH Stuff
Anti Aim:
It has many options to configure it the way you want! It caused some problems for me to make it the way I want but its fine. Never got disappointed with AA, mostly other cheats miss you.
Fake Lag:
Nothing special to explain here, works well with fake latency. Often others miss you. Its decent!


Auto Bhop and Auto Strafe:
Does everything perfectly! Avoid obstacles is a nice thing!
Anti Backstab: It's a nice feature! Pretty fun to use it on MGE servers.
Streamer Mode: Cool feature when making media/ closet cheating videos or just for recording to hide your identity I guess.
Fast Queue/Region Changer: Cool feature for streamsniping (if you wanna get into the same game I guess)
Cheater Detection: Nice feature in casual or just mess with other cheaters : D
Auto Record HvH Matches: It's just phenomenal, didnt see other cheats have it.

Auto vacc/Uber:
Works the way it was made, depends on how you config the reaction for ubers
Auto Reflect: Nice thing for pyro obviously, reflects projectiles towards enemies, etc.
Auto Detonate Stickies: It speaks for itself, always works!
Projectile Trajectory Camera: Pretty useful, nothing rlly to say.

Overall Opinion
- Its a really good cheat, I recommend it for everyone! Hits p on hvh. Cheat subs are cheap, never overpriced! Recommended cheat!
Thank you for your review. I have taken 7 days away from your remaining time.
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