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My Honest Review of Rijin For Team Fortress 2

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Here is an honest review of Rijin for Team Fortress 2 after having tried it for a bit. I’m going to be talking about the positive and negative aspects of every tab in the menu along with some side notes.


Positives: For Sniper, I’d say the aimbot is much more consistent with hitting headshots than other cheats I have used in the past. I find the accurate unlag very helpful for improving the accuracy of the hitscan aimbot. Other than being able to hit more headshots, the hitscan aimbot doesn’t really seem to stand out much compared to other cheats. Now for the projectile aimbot, it definitely does the job well and outperforms ******* and ********’s projectile aimbot. I do like how customizable the projectile aimbot is in terms of setting a minimum hit chance and the maximum travel distance for projectiles. These customizations improve how effective and accurate the aimbot will be and are very helpful for users. The melee aimbot is also very good and can hit backtrack flawlessly.

Negatives: One thing I do not like about the aimbot is that the spread manipulation doesn’t function properly if auto shoot isn’t enabled. The spread manipulation causes the aimbot to not work at all if your aim method is “on attack.” I personally use the “on attack” method for hitscan classes and I find it irritating that I can’t use the spread manipulation unless I have auto shoot enabled. One bug with the aimbot I’ve encountered is that the aimbot targets engineer buildings even when I am putting my crosshair closer towards a player and have the algorithm method set to “closet to fov.” This may not seem like a big issue, but it really did negatively affect my gameplay when playing tf2 matches. The projectile aimbot is good, but it is not as good as people showcase it to be. It can miss at times and sometimes may even miss the easiest shots. I’ve tried configuring the projectile aimbot’s hit chance and travel distance many times when testing the aimbot out, but I’ve always found the projectile aimbot to miss sometimes with every hit chance and travel distance combination. I also do not like how the melee aimbot can only be used with auto melee. I would prefer the melee aimbot to be a separate feature and not be included with auto melee.



Positives: The ESP is very minimalist and basic. It is very customizable and I like how you can choose what type of information to display on players depending on whether they are on the enemy team, your team, or friends with you. I do like the amount of player flags that the ESP tab offers and the different types of flags that there are such as the time remaining on an intelligence briefcase or if a demoman is charging. The ESP is decent and does what it’s supposed to do without taking too much of your screen.

Negatives: The one problem I’ve always had with the ESP is that the flag text can sometimes be too small to where I can’t clearly see the condition that a player is in. Along with this, some flag colors are dark and hard to see such as the “bleed” condition. I also do not like how there’s no option to display health as a value rather than as a bar. As a former ******* user, I found it more helpful to see health as a value rather than as a bar so that I can have more accurate information about a player.


Positives: The chams are heavily customizable and offer a variety of options such as fresnel, shaded, and even transparent chams. I’d say this cheat has a lot more customization for chams than ******* and ******** combined.

Negatives: The only real negative thing about the chams is how the chams can sometimes turn black but it’s not too much of an issue for me.


For the “other” section in the visuals tab, there isn’t much to say here because all this section offers is small features to help you feel more comfortable when using Rijin. It offers features that not many cheats have such as ragdoll effects or very customizable bullet tracers. Since it can make a user feel more comfortable, I’ll consider this a positive.

Hack vs Hack

Positives: The anti aim is very good and so far, bots have had trouble hitting my head. Even on one occasion when I was in a hvh match, cheaters had a hard time being able to headshot me. This cheat delivers a really high quality anti aim and the anti backtrack is also really helpful in hvh situations from my experience. Can’t really say much about the resolver, but it seems like it performs better than other cheats’ resolvers.

Negatives: The only real problem I see with the hvh tab is that it can be confusing to configure and users may have trouble figuring out what settings to use when in an hvh match.


Positives: I’ve found the crithack to be mostly perfect and it never did anything weird with hitscan/projectile weapons. The doubletap is one of the best that I have used and is nearly perfect with hitscan weapons. I personally don’t use doubletap much, but I’ve seen how good the doubletap on the force-a-nature was when I played some games as scout. The fast queue is very helpful for avoiding regions that you don’t want to play in and has helped me find lower ping servers. The anti backstab is much better at preventing backstabs than *******’s anti backstab from what I’ve seen.

Negatives: With melee weapons, the crithack can sometimes break where all of the sudden, it shows that you have 0 crits on your melee weapon and you have to switch weapons or class to get crits on your melee weapon again. This has been quite a bother for me for a while but never got to talking about it. The cheater detections sometimes can be false and mess with my visuals because the ESP is showing that a legit player is a cheater.


Positives: I don’t use too many automations so I won’t be discussing each one, but from my experience, I’ve found the automations to perform pretty damn well. The auto reflect is very accurate and redirects projectiles perfectly most of the time. The charge bot is also very helpful and helps me score points more as demoknight. The auto vaccinator is very customizable and is successful at predicting projectiles most of the time.

Negatives: Again I haven’t really used too many automations, but one problem I did have was the auto detonate sometimes not detonating sticky bombs at the right time.

Side Notes

Injection: The injection takes about 30 seconds and takes longer to inject than most cheats. As a former ******* user, I find this to be a downgrade.

Dual Injection: This cheat does not support dual injection with other cheats such as *******. Dual injecting will cause some features such as the chams to not work properly and eventually will crash the game.

Confusing Menu: The menu for Rijin is very small with so many features to where new users will most likely not know where to start when configuring the cheat. Personally, it took me a couple of days before I could create a config for myself.

Lack of Basic Features: Rijin lacks basic features that even ******* has such as auto zoom, auto accept item drops, equip region unlock, radar, and anti-taunt. It also lacks a player list which seems like a necessity in most cheats. I used these features a lot when using ******* and not being able to use those features with Rijin made my experience with this cheat overall uncomfortable.

Cheat Seems Unfinished: This cheat seems a little unfinished as features such as fake latency and spectator list were not added to the cheat until much later after V2’s release.

Forced Settings: One thing I noticed when I injected Rijin was the settings that were forced to be enabled when playing. For example, I normally play without mouse input on the scoreboard, but after I inject Rijin, mouse input is always forced enabled and I have to go to advanced settings just to turn it off. Another example is TF2’s match hud. I don’t normally play using TF2’s match hud meaning I don’t play with the class portraits showing at the top of my screen. Whenever I inject Rijin, the match hud and class portraits are always forced enabled. This was always an issue I’ve had with the cheat but never got to talk about it.

Overall, this cheat seems very unfinished and uncomfortable to use. You sacrifice the comfort of playing TF2 in exchange for very high quality aimbot and features. Even with the high quality features, the cheat still lacks features that should’ve already been added and this personally ruins the cheat experience for me. The cheat can also be discomforting visually and gameplay wise because of the settings that are forced enabled.

If I were to rate Rijin on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 6/10. Rijin is not as good as youtubers or other players advertise it to be. I was a victim of this advertising and learned the hard way that Rijin wasn’t worth it. Maybe if the cheat was developed a little bit more, I would consider using Rijin again.
Thank you for your review, we appreciate the honest feedback.

While some of the stuff you've said I can understand and sympathise with, Alot of these statements made seem to nit pick very minute non important things, such as the cheat taking 30 seconds to load as opposed to virtually instantly, I can't see why this would be a negative considering our software in relation to *******es is much more complex and alot more stuff has to be computed, It is a side effect of the protection of the software. And at the end of the day the software loading in 1 second or 60 seconds should not neccesarily matter. Team Fortress 2 takes far too long to load up yet we don't complain.

I will attempt to justify and point out some answers in this review for you:
  1. Dual injection is very dangerous for us and considering we do not have any autonomous features it would not be useful in this case anyway.
  2. While having customization of the esp flags might seem like a good idea, when you realize how many flags there are it becomes obvious as to why we do not do this.
  3. ESP text size is more than large enough, we do however plan to add dynamic font sizing selections.
  4. A health only value while it might seem like the clear answer does not follow the rule of good UI design and hinders the end users ability to easily be able to read the users health, sure we can add it as an option but from a UI development standpoint it makes checking the health of a player much more in-efficient.
  5. Our cheater detection system is based on a global network where all rijin users who encounter cheaters submit cheaters to our network, The "cheater" you are seeing above a "legit" players name is an indication that they have been detected in the past for a violation that only a cheater could do, It should be used more as a warning but it is an accurate system that we are yet to have real false positives with.
  6. Spread manipulation not working as intended with auto fire being disabled is quite obvious since the user is initiating the fire at that moment in time, sure we could add an option to hold the users aim unless spread manipulation agrees but this is not convenient for the user.
  7. The cheat attempts to fix and create alot of quality of life improvements to improve user experience, while users may not directly notice the changes we have made to the game, It does make the game more enjoyable to use with our software, and we have proven this countless times, I will not list the improvements and changes we have made to the backend of the game due to various reasons (other cheats copying our secret-sauce)
  8. "The projectile aimbot is good, but it is not as good as people showcase it to be. It can miss at times and sometimes may even miss the easiest shots." Its prediction at the end of the day, so I'm not sure what else you would expect, Really what makes people who do good with prediction and bad with prediction are the people that know when to fire thier shots, learning to have trigger disipline to fire your shots correctly is crucial to having high accuracy with the projectile aimbot, this is why projectile hitchance exists.
Also when you mention the menu and fonts being small, are you running a monitor over the 1920x1080 resolution? The menu is definately not small, however there unfortunately are many design challanges to correctly lay out a menu while attempting to maintain a small design, we are still improving things in that regard but there is a limit before simplicty again turns into complexity.

Again I appreciate the review, but some of the things said in here are more bugs / missing features that are relatively minute in the greater schemes of things.

With that being said, I will add additional time onto your subscription, Thanks.
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A health only value while it might seem like the clear answer does not follow the rule of good UI design and hinders the end users ability to easily be able to read the users health, sure we can add it as an option but from a UI development standpoint it makes checking the health of a player much more in-efficient.
I don't even play TF2 anymore but numerical hitpoints ESP was something that I desired to be added back in the v1 days. Sure, it may make the screen a little more cluttered drawing lots of players, but it's vital for any TF2 cheat. There lots of unique situations due to TF2's huge weapon arsenal where seeing the exact value could be important.
EX: From having health bar only you can't easily tell if a player is 151 or 150HP (quick sniper headshot)/107 or 105HP (scattergun point-blank). I'm pretty sure you also cant see how much overheal players have on RijiN's health bars either. Being off by the slightest amount in certain circumstances can easily be the decider whether a player dies or lives, especially since TF2 is a fast-paced game. (this may apply to OW as well)
If you're worried about UI/UX you could put the health text to the left of the bar so users don't need to move their eyes as much. (And at the end of the day you could still make it optional, too.) Honestly, if I still had a subscription I wouldn't mind if it got put anywhere, it would still be a great addition.
Please, *please* add this for other people!
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