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My honest review of rijin.


Just to start it off i love it ever since my friend gifted me rijin lifetime.
Injecter) Its plain and simple select what you want which in case is tf2) and it will load but only problem is it would rather start giving error a lot but this is my experience everyone experience is not always the same but to rate it on a scale i would give it an 7.5/10

Menu)Its a menu not much you can get but sometime cfging may be confusing for new user but overall that nothing wrong or good with it, its just simple and plain so. 8/10

Aimbot) Only features Rijin is known for and guess what its good as for soldier and demoman its alright but i been doing alot of proj test on rijin with soldier and dif hitchance
and i shall say its alright ig but hitscan is where rijin shine but only problem i have is rijin would sometime like to hit random part of anything but its still neither less so 8/10.

Visual) Is alright and i would use it anytime and if i had a option to choose (removed) or rijin i am choosing rijin just because i am more used of it and the visual is already good and best thing that rijin has is Proj cam i have been trying to find alot of pasted cheat with this only i could found that has this is Nnitro (fware paste) any jengaware paste (removed) and fware but it onlys follow the Proj so nah but visual overall when you cfg it it is a masterpiece and could be better then other cheats but its an 7/10.

HvH) Not that much option pretty limited but still powerful in hvh can make ******* dump thier whole mags if you use it right would be nice if they were to add jitter flip would be powerful as we got jitter pitch the fakelag is alright ig the faststop could be improved peek assist is a hit or miss but still useable in hvh 7.5/10.

Misc) Now this is where RIjin shine again.
Crithack) its powerful but you do get alot of critban for no reason but the dmg to regain it back is not to high so its alright 8/10.
Bhop) Its what it is but its bit funky i guess the auto strafe can you get in a place where you would rather not be either trying to escaped and you move your mouse a bit to an prop but overall 6/10.
DT) its alright and i always get constant dt performance but sometime it just fire 1 bullet and a another bullet after that fast but not in a tight pack but it only happens when i move so its kinda my fault overall 8/10.
Backtrack) ALways work and will still be surpise the backtrack works on hitscan as i was an Fware user and i missed ALOT but overall it work and its a 9/10.
Other) its just optional but only thing i love is sv_pure bypass and the fact it has a Anti cheat compatibility overall 9/10.

Overall the cheat i rate it a 8.5/10 way better then free cheat tbh.
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