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My Honest Rijin V2 Review

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So I decided to make a cheat review so here we go:

= So personally for me this cheat has a really good aimbot for either HvH or legit cheating.
= Projectile aimbot is just perfect, really rarely misses.

= If anyone new doubletap I recommend anyone new to use it with scout (force o nature). It does the job really well and it always works. It works with other weapons such as shotguns but with scout its the best imo.

= ESP: The ESP is really smooth and easy to set up. its decent.
= Glow/Chams: Glow and chams is easy to make too but I could make a really good glow/chams colours with it. Its nice.
= Removals: I mean it does work so nothing to say here.

Hack vs Hack:

Anti Aim: It's easy to config indeed, fake AA works really well.
Fake Lag: Its okay, other cheats mostly miss you but it doesnt do the job every time


Server Lagger: It is a cool exploit tho, but it only works on community servers. Great work!
Auto Bhop/Strafe:
It does the job, nothing to say here.
Auto Sticky: It does auto sticky explode well tho, never misses detonating.


Auto vacc/Uber
It works but depends how you config it, does the job well too!

My own suggestion/idea for the loader: Maybe its just me but you guys should add a skinchanger or an inventory changer for fake unboxing and stuff!

I guess this is my review for rijin v2.
Feel free to criticize me.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
Not open for further replies.
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