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My Honest Rijin v2 TF2 Review

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(So, i've been using rijin for a week now, and in this review i'm going to share my experience. I'll talk about each of the main segments of the cheat and try to express it into short & simple review. Some of the cons may appear in suggestions to the specified segment.)

Menu (7/10)

- Compact size
- Comfortable layout of tabs & features
- Custom colours
- Ultimate performance, i get normally around 80-100 fps on ryzen 5 1500x cpu and old ass gpu

- Inability to resize the menu

- Configs that would be possible to share via file
- Ability to rename configs

- A Skin Changer tab

Aimbot + Double Tap (8.5/10 , 10/10)

Pros (AimBot)
- Plenty of features
- It's functionality (it performs god-like on projectile weapons)
- The settings for each class without changing config

- Serverside/Clientside silent aim
- Plenty but not too many settings
- Im not much of a HvH player so i didn't meet with Anti Aim and all of these settings, but for some others its a good to have!

Cons (AimBot)
- Projectile aim for demo sometimes predicts way too extremely off
- Lack of aimbot types
- When in hvh, aimbot picks up other players instead of the HvHer)
- When playing MvM with Hitman's Heatmaker and having wait for headshot enabled while also having always aimbot, it just starts doing non-scoped shots after while and it needs to manually rescope again.
- Automatically scopes in while having sniper rifle and always on aimbot.

Pros (Double Tap)
- Top Tier DT on the market
- Shows whether the DT is possible or not
- Easy to set up

Cons (Double Tap)
- none for me

- Would add sub-feature to Auto Meele called "Always crit" or "Crit if low hp" or something like that, it only deals crits.
- Auto Target
Suspicious players or Cheaters instead of other players when in open.
- Healing Arrows also target enemies
- More options for legit/closet cheating.

Visuals (9/10)

- Large spectrum of customizable visual features (Big improve from V1)
- Removing ragdolls, overlay effects
- All sorts of misc stuff like Model, Particle effects

- For rather long time i had issue with chams just floating around my screen, but it was fixed via this command (mat_viewportscale 1)
- Lack of spectator tab, and Player tab to set priority on each and every player

- Spectator tab
- Player Tab
- Skin Changer
- Custom SkyBox

Misc (7.5/10)
- Perfect Crit hack + Crit bucket indicator + Crit ban notification
- Cool Directional auto strafe

- No Fake Latency
- Stuck on Ramp surface when enabled auto strafe
- So few MvM features

- More MvM features such as Auto F4
- Fake Latency
- Follow bot
- Auto Vote

Loader (6/10)

- Clean Loader
- Auto starts the game
- You can see your sub time

- Lots of bugs such as not working auto save "Password too short"
- Cannot inject if not in-game
- Often Reinjecting

Other than that, i think this is the best price-quality cheat you can buy on the market currently, yes, there are some bugs but they'll be soon fixed due to active Dev team V9 should take a note. This cheat is solid


looking forward to the future of Rijin!
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- Spectator tab
- Player Tab
- Skin Changer
- Custom SkyBox
I'm not sure about the skin changer or the skybox, but I do know the devs have confirmed playerlist and spectator list.
I personally love how responsive the devs are and they frequently update to add suggested features
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
It's always good to see how people feel about this, I got Rijin recently got it myself and I have only had some minor problems and genarely feel like the software is really good
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