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My review of the Team-fortress 2 hack

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original testimonial's formatting got fucked up.
original can be viewed here

Rage: 8/10
] aimbot
As a whole the hitscan aimbot performs well but there are still features to be desired.
] aimbot modes
The modes work, are intuitive and serve their purpose well.
] silent aim
Silent aim does it's job, with each mode working as to be expected, though it should be mentioned, on projectiles (as well as melee) the serverside mode is not perfectly silent, as flicks will still be seen on demos and by spectators.
] projectile aimbot
The projectile aimbot is truly phenomenal across the board, with the right config you will have no issues hitting players that are actively trying to avoid being hit, that being said, it takes quite a considerable amount of configuring and continual tweaking to achieve the same accuracy as soldier on demoman weapons. (Though, all of demoman's weapons suffer from randomness, which at times is to blame for missing.)
My only real gripe with the projectile aimbot is it's ability to hit shots upwards with rockets, seemingly regardless of the hitchance used the cheat takes a considerably longer time to fire at players in this scenario.
] hitchance
That aside, I've had no issues with the hitchance system, and high hitchances do not affect the time it takes to shoot at players who're strafing predictably or not strafing at all, which is great.
] travel time
Travel time works as expected and has no issues from my experience.
] aim positions
Unfortunately this category is a little lacking, although (it seems like) "body" does entail the entire body, minus arms, it would be nice to have the option to select individual bones to enable or disable.
] multipoint
Multipoint is responsive and works perfectly, even on higher values I've had no issues with misses.
] adjustments
Both "No Recoil" and "No Spread" work as intended.

Hvh: 6/10
] anti-aim
Although basic it does give the user enough to compete with other cheats in HvH and honestly that's fine.
] fakelag
Once again, although basic (only a checkbox in this case), it does it's job and that's what counts.
] resolver
The resolver has it's issues but I expect it to be heavily improved upon when the recode is released.

Visuals: 8/10
] chams , player/object
Chams work well, but it should be mentioned there really is no customization possible in regards to colours or materials, for me this doesn't matter at all though as they serve their purpose well.
] flags
The flags are greatly appreciated, although I wish there was an ammo flag for players.
] cheat detection
Will occasionally mark legit players to be cheaters if they whip their mouse around but otherwise correctly marks all other cheaters accordingly.
] thirdperson
Customization is really what this feature is lacking. I'd like to see thirdperson distance, a keybind option and third person while scoped in.

Misc: 9/10
] backtrack
Backtrack works exceptionally well.
] fake latency
Fake latency works well, though given it's a slider it makes it difficult to choose specific numbers.
] doubletap
Doubletap. What I would say is the second main attraction towards Rijin as a whole, behind the projectile aimbot. As a whole it works extremely well, with ALL weapons (weapons that cannot "doubletap" themselves are benefitted by faster firing), and doesn't cause any issues while recharging or while dt'ing. Though, I would like to see a no teleport and possible auto-peek options in the future.
] fix aim
Fix aim seems to be inconsistent from what I can tell, though I'd say it's still beneficial to have the feature enabled.
] main
] auto bhop
Works perfectly, absolutely no complaints.
] auto strafe
Just like auto bhop, no complaints about the auto strafe, works perfectly.
] auto melee
Auto melee is slow. It's especially noticable if you're using the "demo charge bot", it's simply late. It works fine otherwise but don't expect to be able to automatically market garden, or use the chargebot without backtrack.
] fastQ
Pretty cool feature, works well and is appreciated.
] automation
] auto wrench
Works well and as expected.
] auto sticky
This really impressed me, compared to other hacks with auto-det it works with the best accuracy I've seen and extremely fast for spawncamping. I just wish it could be key-bindable.
] auto airblast
Works well and as expected.
] auto disguise
Works well and as expected.
] auto voting
More options would be appreciated, but otherwise it works well and as expected.
] avoid auto team balance
Works well and as expected.

Settings: 10/10

Menu: 10/10
Overall very clean, legible, and easy to navigate, space is utilized well and sizing is consistent.

Score Overall: 8.5/10

Last Remarks
I'm thoroughly impressed with what Rijin currently has to offer, it performs spectacularly well within the TF2 cheating scene as it stands.
I'm very much so looking forward to what the recode will bring us in terms of new features and improvements.
I can confidently recommend Rijin, if you're debating on purchasing a sub I hope my testimonial can aid you towards making the right decision.

Note : The cheat doesn't let you charge stickies, which is unfortunate but not game ruining. (Fast stickies should be an option within the recode, not permanently on).
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Thanks for the review, really appreciate the effort and time you took into writing this; so for that I've added a bit of extra time than normal to your subscription. The "Settings: 10/10 N/A" made me laugh.

I'll touch on a few of your gripes or concerns in relation to the recode in order.

- Demoman pill prediction counts for all "randomness"
- There's now a full hitscan system instead of "head , body" etc.
- Anti-Aim customization is way more in depth and will be further expanded before release.
- Fakelag will have proper customization with types, variance, randomness etc.
- Resolver is probably the most accurate one we've seen for TF2
- Color pickers (you'll even be able to fully scheme the new menu!) are being added as well as the ability to change the material based on Invisible/Visible, for instance you could have Flat visible and Textured invisible as well as overlay/flag options for fresnels/wireframe/metallic/glass.
- A full flag system has been added for conditions in the game, if you can explain what you meant for "ammo flag" I'll be happy to add it to the trello
- Cheat detection is 100% accurate now and has stages to ensure completely accuracy.
- Thirdperson keybinding as well as distance sliding and some other things has been added, Thirdperson on scope probably wont be added cause "Just press the key™"
- Doubletap inaccuracies have been addressed in terms of accuracy as well as the lack of an "Auto Stop or Anti Warp" (Side note on top of that, a standalone "Fast Stop" has been added.)
- Auto Melee being slow I'm not sure if this is present in the new auto melee as of now but I'll look into it.
- As for the settings tab, a full cloud config system has replaced our "rijin_load / save" config system.

Glad you're enjoying the cheat and hope you can stick around for the future to see what we have in store.
if you can explain what you meant for "ammo flag" I'll be happy to add it to the trello
I just meant how much ammo the enemy currently has, like "4 rockets loaded, 20 left", if that's doable on tf2.
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