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My Review on Rijin TF2 v2

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The aimbot is pretty much good for legit or blatant and does the job really well.

Hitscan - does it job well.

Projectile aimbot - holy fuck that shit is fire hitting guys in mid air like no tomorrow.



Best visuals bullet tracers lots of different options u can mess around with third person fire
Its got everything you need no more to be added.



The aa on rijin v2 is just out of this world one second ur strafe on the top of 2 fort and snipers are missing left right and centre
fakelag is overpowered one second ur running across the bridge next minute u hear 5 shots missing ur body and head.
resolver is just pushing P u see one guy resolved instantly and mans 6 ft underground in milliseconds.



Bhop works really well with auto strafe w a s d bhop is fire.
Crit hacks fire u own anyone in hvh how easily u can do damage.
Doubletap holy shit doubletap is so lit it always works and never fucks up
anti backstab fire.
auto record hvh works.



Auto reflect works very well
vacc is really good never fucks up and is op
auto sticky detonate is very good.



There are some bugs like:
Projectile aimbot not wanting to shoot at fakelagging enemies (maybe it's just an issue with one person, I have tried doing everything to my config but it still wouldn't shoot)

If u ever have 10$ this is the cheat u should buy comes with the best features and nothing to regret and if your having any trouble join rijins discord there community is big and helpful will help u config and you wont regret this opportunity.
Thanks for the review, I've added some time to your subscription.
Not open for further replies.
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