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My review on the TF2 And L4D2 Hacks

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This review is before the recode so yeah
Team Fortress 2 :
Aimbot -
Gotta start off with the best one, the projectile aimbot is pretty good, does better than any cheat i've used. The actual aimbot is just ur regular aimbot does what it's supposed to
Anti-Aim -
It's okay, does what it's supposed to but I would definitely like more options on the AA
Visuals -
They're simple, only bad thing about it is that they're not customizable
Doubletap -
It's pretty good, godlike for scout and heavy
Miscellaneous -
Pretty basic, nothing I can really say on that one

Left 4 Dead 2 :
Aimbot -
It's a basic aimbot, would like it if the rijin dev team adds autowall
Visuals -
Same as the TF2 except there are no chams, still not bad
Speedhack -
It's great, never fails me and it's really fun to use around
Break tickbase feature -
It's really good for versus when you're playing as infected, you can spawn right infront of them and get some good reactions out of it
Thanks for the review, I've added 4 days to your subscriptions.
Not open for further replies.
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